June 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hey guys! I had a bit of a delay but I’m now here with my June 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up. We’re almost halfway through the year which is crazy! This month I went with a Nancy Drew theme, which is kind of near and dear to my heart. A couple of years ago I read all of my mom’s classic copies, and so I thought it would be a cute theme.

I used yellows and blacks through this month, and also my white gel pen, which I really love. I had some ribbon with keys on it that I was going to use, but it didn’t really fit in anywhere so I left it out. To be honest, when I starting designing the title page I had a but of bullet-journaler’s block, because there are just so many directions that I could’ve gone in, and I couldn’t decide on one! But I finally settled on some cute magnifying glass, flashlight, footprint, and key doodles, as well as some Nancy Drew silhouettes that I traced (because I can’t draw people to save my life).

In the end, I think this theme turned out really well and it was super fun to make! I got to use some card stock and get creative with my trackers, and I put together a weekly spread in a that I’ve never done before. Here it is!

My title page is a little busier than I would’ve liked, but I still think it’s cute. I traced a Nancy Drew silhouette and drew some footprints in black, and then I surrounded the whole thing with doodles. This whole month I’m doing a typewriter font, which fits the theme well and looks great! I could’t resist doing a little cursive on the quote page though. On the opposite page I have a quote from Nancy Drew;))

I went with the same sort of calendar layout that I used in May, because I don’t have a whole lot going on in June either (surprise surprise), so this spread is more efficient. Here I included some more doodles and broke out my white gel pen! I love the card stock that says “Nancy Drew Mystery Stories” in the corner.

Here we have The Case of Olivia’s Habits and Mood! Aka my habit and mood trackers. Again, I used the same layout as last month. I find that these trackers are just really easy to read and look super nice;)) This month I’m tracking some habits, productivity, sleep, and my workouts with the footprints on the side. I used some card stock again cause I love it.

I used some more Nancy-Drew-title-sounding phrases in my next couple pages, because I think it’s super cute. These are my gratitude log and brain dump. I decided to include a brain dump because sometimes I feel like I have things on my mind that I just need to get on paper, especially during this weird time. Anyways, here I can write lists, my thoughts, or anything that I need to articulate.

This weekly spread turned out kind of cool! I love the big letters that spell June in the middle, as well as all of the doodles and the cursive. I left space to write a to-do list and things I have to do for school here as well.

Hopefully these spreads give you some ideas for your own journal! I’ll see you guys on Monday;))

Yours Truly,


March Reading List

Hey there;)) I really need to get back on my reading game, especially if I want to finish my 2020 Reading Challenge by the end of the year. This March I picked out 3 books that I’d like to finish, and while I’m in the midst of the first one, which is a bit slow, I’m excited to take some time to read and relax this month. Here are my picks for the month of March.


I started Emma towards the end of February. It’s by Jane Austen, so it’s over 200 years old and is considered to be a classic. It follows a young woman (Emma), who is smart, pretty and rich, and lives with her father. She enjoys matchmaking, and takes an interest into her friend Harriet’s love life. Although she doesn’t seem to want to find love, through trying to seek out mates for others she begins to explore her own heart. From what I’ve read so far, which is about 160 pages, this book is a bit dry and hard to get through at times. However, I’m trying to pay attention to the way Austen supposedly mocks the English upper class in this novel, and although I’m not quite sure where the plot is going, I’m going to power through this book because it fits into the “is becoming a movie in 2020” part of my reading challenge.

Dear Evan Hansen

This has been a pretty popular novel in the last couple of years, and is interesting because I’m pretty sure that it was adapted from a TV show, which is cool because it’s usually the other way around. This book is about a boy who claims to be a recently deceased teenager’s secret best friend, causing the grieving family to treat him like a son and for him to become more popular and feel like he belongs. Dear Evan Hansen just sort of grabbed my attention when I read the synopsis, and I’m excited to read it because I don’t usually read fiction that is rooted in the real world (unless it’s a murder mystery). I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think of it.

The Bone Houses

The first time I noticed this book was on OwlCrate, which is an awesome book subscription service that I wish I was subscribed to (here’s a hint in case you want to buy me a gift someday), and it drew my eye because of it’s cool title and even cooler cover art. It’s about a girl named Ryn who looks after her family’s graveyard. But the dead buried their often awaken to become zombie-like-things called Bone Houses. Then this guy named Ellis comes into town, and the Bone Houses start attacking the town, like, more than usual. So they journey to the mountains to try and break this curse. I’m excited for this because it seems dark and deep and just really different, which is refreshing.

Those are the books I’ll be reading this March! Let me know which titles that you’re planning to read in the comments:) See you Wednesday.

Yours Truly,


January 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hey guys! 2020 is only a day away and I finally have my January set-up finished! I think my New Years resolution is going to be to post these set ups earlier so that you actually have time to incorporate some ideas into your own journals😂

My theme this month is sort of an Art-Deco 1920’s vibe, using black and gold, that I saw on AmandaRachLee’s YouTube channel. I love the idea of starting off the 2020s with a 1920s design, plus the black and gold colours remind me of New Years. I used a lot of AmandaRachLee’s design this month, but I did use quite a few of my own elements and layouts as well. Pinterest has a ton of Art Deco design inspiration, so definitely look there if you need ideas for patterns and fonts!

I do want to do some things differently this year- mainly switch up my writing style and play around with trackers. I feel like I’ve been using the same font every month (I may be a little calligraphy obsessed), so this year I want to try some different ones. I also want to experiment with different styles of trackers, since I used the same model all throughout last year.

With that, let’s get into my January set-up and my last post of the year!

This is my title page! I created a bunch of geometric designs using a gold gel pen. To capture the Art Deco vibe, there’s lots of diamonds and a fancy border. On the opposite page I used some black paper and a metallic gold marker to make a quote page.

Next is my calendar spread. This is something that I kept the same as last year, because it worked really well for me. I used some more black paper for a goals and focus section. Here, I’ll write things that I want to accomplish this month and something that I want to focus on.

Here’s where I switched things up! Instead of having a grid habit tracker, I’m going to try out having individual habit trackers and crossing off the day when I complete each habit. It’s a lot more work to set up, but we’ll see if I prefer this style or not. For my mood tracker, I drew another Art Deco design and left it empty so that each day I can fill a space in with a different paterm to represent a certain mood.

I enjoy writing down a few things that I’m grateful for each day, so I kept the gratitude log in my journal. Next I have a page to plan my Instagram and blog posts. The designs and borders I used are the same throughout, to keep it consistent.

My final page is my first weekly spread;) I tried to draw the numbers in an Art Deco font, and I think this page turned out well! On the opposite side I drew another quote page that I’ll share later on Instagram😉

There’s my first monthly set-up of 2020! How you liked it and I’ll see you in the new year!

Yours Truly,


2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My favourite gift was a brand new bullet journal, in a gorgeous olive green! I’m going with the Leuchttrum 1917 journal again, as I really liked it last year. It has 251 pages (I get two extra since last year they made them with 249!) which is great because I like to have 20 pages per month, plus more at the beginning of the year. I found that the pages were a good size and weight, and it also has a pocket at the back which is handy. I wrote 2020 on a bit of washi tape and stuck it on the front for a bit of decoration.

I absolutely love my 2020 set up, I used black, white, grey and a silvery green to go with the olive branch design that I printed out and used in many of the spreads. Everything is fairly simple and pretty;) The pens I used to create it were my tombow fudenoske brush pen, a white gel pen, a zebra mild liner and some crayola super tips markers, which are my favourite;)

If you’re just starting to bullet journal, I recommend buying only a few pens and markers, nothing too fancy, and crayola super tips are awesome because there’s five million colours, they’re cheap and work for calligraphy and doodling. You can also check out my past two yearly set ups; 2018 and 2019, but I’ll try to be very descriptive in this post.

Bullet journaling is a big part of my life now, and if you have a notebook and a pen then I suggest you try it out! It’s a great way to be artistic and to include a bunch of mental health and journaling activities into your life. It also helps you to plan and manage your time more effectively. There are tons of great resources online that you can use to help you; one YouTube channel that inspired me to start and still inspires me now is AmandaRachLee. Her doodles are beautiful and her videos are super easy to follow, so if you need some additional ideas go ahead and check out her channel! Otherwise, here’s my 2020 bullet journal set-up;))

I started with a key and a title page. This key lays out the symbols and colours that I’ll use throughout the year to mark certain tasks and events. The only change I made from last year was that I added a symbol for “task half complete” because I found myself only completing tasks halfway and then not knowing what to do😬 My title page is waaay simpler than last year (ew when I typed waaay it auto corrected to essay). I might add some washi tape to it but I like the way it turned out.

These two spreads are my future log. Here I’ll write down events so that I can plan my year before I complete each monthly spread. Once I have a full calendar set up for each month then I can transfer all of the events into that, and then from my monthly calendar into a weekly spread. I kept there spreads simple as well, using a grey marker to write out the months and only putting in hints of green.

Here’s my goals page, which I split into four different sections. There are so many ways to organize a page like this, so get creative! Opposite I have a “this year” spread, where I’ll write some things that I’d like to do in 2020.

Both of these pages are something new from last year- instead of having a vision board and a mantra page, which I didn’t really use, I included a spot to write down “20 things to do in 2020”, as well as a blog ideas page.

For the final two pages of my set-up, I included an “about me” page and a quote page.

That’s all for my 2020 set-up! I hope you liked it and gathered some inspiration for your own journal;) My January Set-Up will be up soon!

Yours Truly,