August 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

July just flew by, and I’m sad to see my Anne of Green Gables theme go, but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with my theme for August!! At first I was kind of going for a Spanish tile look, but now that I’m done I’m totally getting Mediterranean vibes. I used the fine tip of my light blue Tombow Dual Brush Pen, and a darker blue crayola marker, as well as my gold brush pen from the dollar store, my white Gelly Roll pen, and a finer gold gel pen. I haven’t used my bigger Tombow markers in a while because the brush tip is a little to big for the size of my journal, but the fine tip works perfectly here and I love the colour.

I also didn’t use ANY black in this entire set up and I plan to keep it that way! It just makes it feel really clean and simple and bright, which I love for summer. These spreads are pretty simple in general, cause I wanted a bit of a break from lots of drawing. The tiles are easy to draw because I used the dotted lines as a guide. I also varied the tile sizes a bit to keep things interesting.

I hope you like this month’s set-up and can pull some inspiration from it! I love love love how it turned out and I can’t wait to come up with some more weekly spreads:))

Here’s my title page! I drew 12 tiles that are 8×8 dots each, leaving some space at the top and bottom. It was lots of fun drawing out all these different designs! After I had coloured everything in, I went over the darker blue parts with my white gel pen for some extra detail. Then I wrote August in gold in a simple lowercase font. My quote for this month is “Go bravely, go deeply, or do not go”. While I don’t officially have a focus for this month, I want to make it a priority to give 110% in everything.

Again, I’ve been liking this half page calendar layout a lot! I might have to switch back to a full page one once school stuff starts up again, but for now I’m enjoying this look. I have space for my goals, events, and tasks, and then just my little calendar to write a few important dates down and keep track of what day it is (because when it’s summer AND Covid it’s hard to know). I messed up on my calendar because I forgot that August ends on a Monday and kept drawing circles until the end of the week. But I managed to cover it up by doing some little doodles, and then I did more in the top row too so it looks intentional. And yeah, I drew some smaller tiles here to which I think are so cute:)

My trackers spread is just super clean and simple. I think I’m just going to stick with this horizontal style because I just love the way it looks and how simple it is to fill out. I used a finer gold gel pen to write smaller, because I didn’t want to use black. And then I also have a workout tracker to keep tabs on my fitness.

These pages turned out great and it makes me happy just looking at them!! I did more small tiles for my gratitude log, and bigger tiles over on my blog planner. I haven’t included a blog planner in a while because I wasn’t really using it, but recently I started planning out my posts in advance and it’s helped me a ton, so hopefully I can plan stuff more using this.

And finally, my first weekly spread. Super simple; just some tiles and the first letter of the days of the week. I had another head-smacking moment as I started the week off with Sunday, and then I was like oh shoot, August first is a SATURDAY. I really didn’t want to paste paper on top or mess it up, so I just put Saturday and Sunday together into one box and whatever. I also ended up writing the dates in with my gold gel pen, but it didn’t make it into this photo.

There’s my set up for August!! It’s one of my favourite ones I think; I just love the colours and the simplicity. I had a few little hiccups but it turned out great in the end! Let me know what you think of it and I’ll see you guys Wednesday with another post:)))

Yours Truly,


August Bullet Journal Set-Up with July Monthly Recap

Hi guys! I can’t believe that we’re already halfway through the summer and that it’s time to set up my August Bullet Journal layout! This month I went with a travel theme (partly inspired by AmandaRachLee again). I also used a bunch of pictures from a page-a-day calendar which had the title “1000 Places to See Before You Die”, and drew little frames around them so that they look like polaroid pictures. I used three different shades of brown in this spread, so it looks kind of vintage. Hope you like it!

Here’s my July Monthly Recap before we get into August. It hasn’t changed from previous months;)

My title page is a little but minimalistic, as there isn’t a ton going on. I drew a suitcase, a compass rose, an airplane and a polaroid camera, using hues of brown. There’s also a bunch of travel pictures from that calendar, which look cool. My quote for this month is “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list.” which I totally identify with because I love to travel!

This might be one of my favourite calendar spreads of all time. All of the doodles and the drop shadows just look so good! In one corner of the calendar I drew some lines to make it look like a map, and I also included my usual goals and blog ideas section.

I drew my habit tracker to look like a polaroid, which I thought was cute. For my mood tracker, there’s a circle divided into 31 parts so I can colour one each day, with a compass in the middle.

Here’s my gratitude log, and another page that I labelled “Places to Go”. I thought that it might be fun to make a kind of travel bucket list, that I can look back on later and see if I actually went to all of those places.

And finally here’s my first weekly spread. Because there’s only three days in the first calendar week, I only used one page and made the other page a quote page.

That’s all for my August Set-Up! I hope you have a great month, and I’ll see you on Wednesday;))


Yours Truly,


August 2018 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hello there!! Towards the end of July I decided that I wanted to pick up my bullet journal again- I’ve been slacking off a bit these past few months! May, June and July were hectic for me, and, ironically, probably the times when I would’ve needed my journal most due to final exams and setting goals for the summer.

However, by not completing layouts for those months, I now have waaaaayyyy more pages to use up before the end of the year, so I was able to switch up my layouts pretty significantly to include some exciting new stuff! Throughout this post, I’ll be doing a sort of “before and after” thing, comparing my past layouts and my sweet new ones. Here’s a peek into my August bullet journal set-up;))

My theme for this month is watermelon, because in my opinion, there’s nothing that says summer like a big, juicy watermelon. Well, reading your book on the beach while eating a banana creamsicle also screams summer pretty loud, but I wasn’t sure how to make that into a bullet journal theme, so I just went with watermelon. On my title page I drew some slices of watermelon, as well as a watermelony quote, and, of course, I wrote August on the opposing page. Some green washi tape accents it all. I like this set-up better than my previous one page set-up because I have more room for drawing, quotes, and literally anything else that I want to include, which is great. This is the before and after:



The next two pages I used for something new; a monthly log! This is basically just a monthly calendar. I had something like this on my title page in previous set-ups, but this bigger calendar allows me to plan my month in more detail because I have much more room. I made a bit of a mistake here by starting the calendar on a Wednesday, because I didn’t draw the squares out properly😬. Later I realized that I could’ve fixed it by drawing more squares in the bottom row, but oh well. Life goes on. I included another watermelon drawing and quote on these pages as well.



Next, I decided to move my mood and habit trackers from my weekly spread into my monthly spread, so that they each have their own pages. Now I’m able to get way more creative with these trackers!! Down below, you can see that my mood tracker consists of 31 little watermelon slices that I’ll colour in according to the legend at the bottom of the page. I kept my habit tracker just about the same though, while staying with the watermelon theme.



My last two pages before my weekly spread are my blog schedule and gratitude log. Here, I’ll write down post ideas and stuff like that, but if this doesn’t apply to you, you can always turn it into a schedule for any kind of goal you’ve set for the month or a challenge that you’re taking part in. The next page is reserved for my gratitude log, books that I want to read in August (see my Summer TBR List), and any goals that I have for this month. You can see the before and after below:



And finally we get to my weekly spread!! With the removal of my gratitude log, goals, mood and habit trackers, I had more space to play around with. So I added a mini calendar, and a space for a weekly reflection, while keeping room for a word and quote of the week from my past spreads. On the other page, I split my daily planner thingy into three sections: To-do, Events, and Today in One Word, which should be fun.



Whew! That was a lot of writing! But I think it covers everything about my new and improved set-up. Remember to do what works for you in your journal, and feel free to experiment to find your favourite layouts. Thanks for checking out my post!!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;))