December 2020 Reading List

We’ve arrived at the final stretch of the year so this month I’m going HARD to finish all the books that I need to for my 2020 Reading Challenge. I slacked a little in November. Right now I’m reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea and it’s a little bit painful, not gonna lie. It’s a great concept and story and everything, but it’s pretty dry! My goal is to finish by the end of this week because I need to start my other books:)))

I’m so glad that I branched out into a bunch of different genres this year though! I feel like up until now I’ve mostly just been reading YA fiction stuff, but I’m actually starting to drift away from those kinds of fantasy books. There are so many cool books out there, from mystery novels to historical fiction to more classic stories, and I feel like I’ve just reached the tip of the iceberg, which is exciting. YA Fiction- especially fantasy- is still very near and dear to my heart, but after a while the summaries on the backs of the books all start to look the same. Last year I remember I was kind of stuck in a rut thinking that I’ve discovered all of the good books there were to be read…. I don’t know how I was so naive but there are SO many good ones out there. If you’re stuck in a book rut try reading something outside of your usual genre! You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

The books I’m reading this month definitely showcase a lot of variety and I’m really excited to read all of them! I have a shameful confession to make though… I STILL haven’t read the Guinevere deception (insert yikes face emoji here). I think it’s been on my book lists since the summertime, but I actually only bought it about a week ago and was in the midst of Twenty Thousand Leagues already. So I actually need to read it this month. I’m getting it done first.

Otherwise, the two other prompts that I still need to fill in are a book about food, and a book set in Asia. I have two books that both look AMAZING to hit these categories. Let’s get into my list so you can see what I mean!

The Guinevere Deception

I finally got my hands on a copy and I’m reading this first in December! I’ve given a summary like five bajillion times now, but the premise is that Guinevere is called to Camelot to marry King Arthur- only she has a secret identity. She was actually sent by Merlin to be a guardian of the city. It’s up to her to save Camelot from the dangers lurking both outside and within. This should be a nice light, fun read and I’m excited to dig in.

A Cook’s Tour

This is for my book about food and I’m REALLY looking forward to it. It’s by Anthony Bourdain who is absolutely amazing, and basically it chronicles his quest around the globe to find the perfect meal. International cuisine is super interesting to me, and I love trying new things! So this should be a super cool read. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some inspiration for more good blog recipes:)) Next year I’d definitely like to pick up some more books on food, just to learn more about different cuisines and techniques so I can share them with you guys. If you have any interest at all in food I suggest picking up this book, because it looks like a good one.


Ok, this one is a little iffy because it is THICK. And by thick I mean a whopping 933 pages. Which my be the thickest book I’ve ever had my sights on.

This book fills in my “set in Asia” prompt, but if its looking like I’m not going to finish it, I may have to jump ship. Although usually if I really like a book, I zoom through it, so I might not have an issue. We’ll see! Anyways, this book is about an Australian convict who flees in India and begins to live in the slums of Bombay. He eventually joins the mafia, whose leader becomes his mentor. This book encapsulates a huge range of human experiences and seems like it deals with some pretty deep stuff so I’ll have to put my thinking cap on. But I like books that talk about humanity and have a deeper message, so hopefully I like this one so much that I can finish it in a week!

Those are the books that I’m planning on ending off the year with! I now recognize how important it is for me to finish Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea ASAP because I have waaaaayyy more reading to do than I anticipated. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! Gotta go read:))

Fall Reading List

‘Sup guys? I pretty much finished all of the books on my past reading list; I’m just finishing up The Great Gatsby and am waiting for The Guinevere Deception to come out in paperback form😂 But I have an AWESOME reading list going on right know, so I thought I’d share.

I’m making pretty decent headway into my 2020 Reading Challenge, and I read a couple books that didn’t really apply to it lately, like The Rule of Four, which was pretty good. I just need to keep going hard because I have a few prompts that I have NO idea how I’m going to meet but… that’s why it’s a challenge I guess😂 Anyways, out of the three new books on my reading list, two pertain to my challenge and one is a “side book” that I thought it’d be great to read during spooky season.

I found out that one of my favourite authors, Sarah J Maas, who wrote the Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series, wrote a new book this year and I didn’t even know about it. I reallllly want to read this book, but I checked it out on my bookstores website and it’s only available as a German e-book right now😂 I could order it on Amazon, but I have a bunch of book store gift cards, so I don’t want to spend like thirty bucks when I could wait. So that’s a bit disappointing, but keep an eye out for it on future booklists because I WILL be reading it.

Ideally I’d like to finish all four of these books by the end of October so that I’m doing good going into the home stretch of my challenge. 👌These all seem like pretty awesome books so that shouldn’t be a problem. When I’m really into a book I just zoom through it, ya know? I’m feeling good about these picks and can’t wait to dig in to some great novels! Fall is a time for snuggling up with a nice hot beverage (or something with peanut butter in it because peanut butter works in every season✌️) in your cozy clothes with a good book:) Check out some of these reads if you’re not sure what to read this autumn!❤️

PS. The Guinevere Deception is coming out in paperback on October 13th, so when that day comes I will be picking it up and reading it ASAP👍

All The Light We Cannot See

This book has won multiple prizes, and looks like an incredible story. It intertwines the lives of two young people; a blind French girl from Paris and a boy in a small German mining town, both living during the Second World War. When the Germans occupy Paris, the girl flees with her father and one of the most valued jewels in the city to her great uncle’s house by the sea, while the boy is enlisted to help destroy resistance to the Nazi regime. The author tries to highlight the goodness of humanity, even during these troubling times. This book has over 500 pages, so it fits into my challenge which is great👌 I’m excited to read it!!

And Then There Were None

This is an Agatha Christie novel, and I’ve never read one of her mysteries before so I’m looking forward to it! I thought it’d be great with Halloween coming up. This one is about ten people, all with mysterious pasts, who are invited to an island for the weekend by a millionaire. But when they arrive, their host is no where to be found, and there’s a strange nursery rhyme framed in every room. When murders begin occurring that match up with the rhyme, the guests begin to panic. Which one of them is the murderer? Usually I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to mystery novels, but I’m going to put my brave pants on and read this one. It looks really good🙌

Sophie’s World

I like philosophy a lot; I think it’s really interesting to think about the major questions in life. I have a few books on philosophy that mostly just explain the ideas of big philosophers, but this book is different. It’s a novel, and it’s about a girl named Sophie who begins receiving mysterious letters in her mailbox with questions on them like “who are you?” And “where does the world come from?”. She begins corresponding with an unknown philosopher who teaches her the ideas of many of the world’s philosophers, while receiving the mail of a girl named Hilde. To find out who this girl is, she must use her new philosophical knowledge. I thought that this sounds really interesting, because instead of just explaining the philosophies, this novel actually puts them into a story-like format. I need to read a book about philosophy for my challenge, and this is it!

I hope you read some of these novels too! They look promising and I can’t wait to start them🥰 See you tomorrow!

Yours Truly,