About Me

Welcome to My Day Is Booked!

Here’s what you should know about me:

I’m an owl-loving, sporty teen girl who loves to read, craft, make delicious healthy food, and everything in-between! With volleyball practices, dance lessons, making breakfasts and lunches and a reading list of my own, my days are definitely BOOKED! Ha ha, get it? My posts will be centred around helping teens create a healthy lifestyle, but I’ll also throw in the occasional book recommendation or bullet journal idea. Basically anything cool I do, I’ll share with you guys. I can’t wait to help you become healthier, craftier, and more organized!

I will try and post at least once a week. However, I’ll always keep my site updated when it comes to my favourite book and recipe! So, without further ado, welcome to                My Day Is Booked.com!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;)