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  • June 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey there! I’m back after a bit of an extended leave of absence- I just haven’t been feeling super inspired lately and got off track when it comes to blogging, […]
  • April 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hi guys! I’m a tad bit behind on my set-up this month but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait to share! I did something […]
  • March 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    I’m so excited to share this set-up! Last month I was not feeling inspired AT ALL and my Paris theme was definitely not one of my favourites. I might have […]
  • February 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey there! First month of 2021 done- it actually felt pretty long to me! February is probably going to fly by though since it’s a short month:) This month I […]
  • January 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Woot woot! It’s time for my first monthly set-up of 2021! I CAN’T WAIT to move into my new journal- right now I’m in that awkward phase where I need […]
  • 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey guys! Hope you all had an amazing holiday!! I’m really excited for today’s post because it’s my 2021 BULLET JOURNAL SET-UP!!!!! I received a new bullet journal for Christmas […]
  • **BULLET JOURNAL GIVEAWAY!!** + My Favourite Bullet Journal Spreads of 2020
    Hey guys! I’m so excited to announce my first ever giveaway!! Leuchtturm 1917 Canada very kindly sent me one of their beautiful journals to giveaway to you guys! I’ve been […]
  • December 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey there! This post has been postponed a couple of times but I’m glad that I’m finally getting it up! It’s my last set-up of the year which is both […]
  • November 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey guys! October is coming to an end which is sad because my black and white moon theme was SO dramatic, simple and fun to do. I’m going to miss […]
  • October 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey guys! I’m a little late in posting this, but I promise that it’ll be worth the wait. I don’t know why I keep doing themes that take so long😂 […]
  • September 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Summer is coming to a close and it’s already SEPTEMBER. This year is going by so fast. I’m excited for fall though because I get to do a bunch of […]
  • August 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    July just flew by, and I’m sad to see my Anne of Green Gables theme go, but I’m absolutely IN LOVE with my theme for August!! At first I was […]
  • July 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey guys! To be honest, this month’s set-up was a bit of a struggle. I’m in love with my theme, but trying to transfer my ideas on to paper was […]
  • 20 Mid-Year Review Questions
    It’s that time of year again- we’re halfway through 2020 which means it’s time to sit down and reflect on what the year has been like so far. I for […]
  • June 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey guys! I had a bit of a delay but I’m now here with my June 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up. We’re almost halfway through the year which is crazy! This […]
  • How I Use My Bullet Journal
    Hi there! I didn’t get around to posting this Wednesday, but today I have a great post that I’ve gotten a couple of requests for. If you’re looking to start […]
  • May 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hello! I can’t believe that it’s almost May. The first couple of weeks of self-isolation went super slow, but now I feel like the days are just flying by. But […]
  • April 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    March just kind of flew by, and some really crazy stuff went down this month. Atleast I had my bullet journal to keep my busy though. I let you guys […]
  • March 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    It’s time to start planning for March! I always use green for this month- I don’t know why it just feels weird not to;)) My March theme is jungle leaves, […]
  • Handmade Valentines
    Hello there! Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for your friends and family;) I love making homemade cards because they show how […]
  • 4 Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads
    Hi guys! During my two years of bullet journaling, I’ve tried out many different weekly spreads. Some of them work really well for me, and others don’t. It’s a good […]
  • February 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey there!! I’m so excited about this month’s theme, and I know I kept you guys guessing what it was on Instagram- it’s roses! For February I used pale pink […]
  • Bullet Journaling Supplies
    Hi guys! Today I wanted to share the supplies I use for bullet journaling. I’ve mentioned in all of my bullet journaling posts that you don’t need any special equipment […]
  • January 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey guys! 2020 is only a day away and I finally have my January set-up finished! I think my New Years resolution is going to be to post these set […]
  • 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My favourite gift was a brand new bullet journal, in a gorgeous olive green! I’m going with the Leuchttrum 1917 journal […]
  • My Favourite Bullet Journal Spreads of 2019
    Hey there! It’s almost 2020 and so I thought I’d post a my favourite bullet journal spreads from this past year. This was a great bullet journaling year for me! […]
  • December Bullet Journal Set Up with November Monthly Recap
    Hey guys! I apologize for the late post… this week was a little crazy for me😂😂 However, I’m really happy with the way that my December spreads turned out. I’m […]
  • November Bullet Journal Set-Up with October Monthly Recap
    Hi guys! I’m super excited for this month’s theme, and had sooo much fun setting it up! I’m doing poppies, and using a couple different shades of red. However, I’m […]
  • October Bullet Journal Set-Up with September Monthly Recap
    Hi guys! I figured that it was about time to post my October bullet journal set-up, considering that it’s the last day of September;) My October theme is magic, but […]
  • September Bullet Journal Set-Up with August Monthly Recap
    Hey people;) Summer has finally come to an end, which means that it’s time to set up my September bullet journal. I set up a poll on Instagram to see […]
  • August Bullet Journal Set-Up with July Monthly Recap
    Hi guys! I can’t believe that we’re already halfway through the summer and that it’s time to set up my August Bullet Journal layout! This month I went with a […]
  • July Bullet Journal Set Up with June Monthly Recap
    Wow! I can’t believe that we’re already halfway through the year! I’m excited though because summer is here and it’s time for a bit of a reset. Today I’ll be […]
  • June Bullet Journal Set-Up with May Monthly Recap
    Hi there! As you’ve probably already heard, June is herb month here at MyDayIsBooked.com! I’m super excited, and so for this month’s theme I went with herbs;) I used three […]
  • May Bullet Journal Set-Up with April Monthly Recap
    Hi guys! Today I’ll be sharing my May Bullet Journal Set-Up and April Monthly recap;) I decided to go with a Mandala theme, and I’m super happy with the way […]
  • April 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up with March Monthly Recap
    Hello again! I hope that everyone’s spring break was fun;) I actually felt pretty productive; I went for a run almost every day for some early track and field training […]
  • Why I Journal plus 10 Journaling Prompts
    Hi guys;) I’m this post I wanted to share why I journal, and I don’t mean bullet journaling. I mean sitting down and writing about how you feel and what’s […]
  • March 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up (with February Monthly Recap)
    Hi;)) I was originally going to post my March bullet journal set-up next week, but then I was like hey, it might be nice to post it a bit earlier […]
  • February 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up (With January Monthly Recap)
    Hi again! After much careful consideration, I was able to come up with a fun bullet journal theme for February. I wanted to do something a little different than roses […]
  • January 2019 Bullet Journal Set-up
    It’s 2019 tomorrow! Time to get ahead on planning and goal setting for the new year! My theme for January- stars and constellations- is one that I’ve been wanting to […]
  • My 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hi guys! Hope you all had a great holiday;) I’m super excited to share my 2019 bullet journal set up with you, because I feel like now I have the […]
  • December Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hey guys! I’ve had some people asking why I haven’t posted my December Bullet Journal Set-Up yet- I’ve been either super busy or super lazy. Sorry about that. But today […]
  • DIY No-Candy Advent Calendar
    Today is the one year anniversary of mydayisbooked.com! I have a super neat post to share with you guys today, but first I want to thank everyone who has supported […]
  • November Bullet Journal Set-Up
    I can’t believe it’s November already! This year is just flying by……. on the 22nd it will be the first anniversary of MyDayIsBooked.com! But first things first; I need to […]
  • October Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hello! I wanted to do a theme that was Halloweenish for this month, but that wasn’t straight up ghosts and jack o’ lanterns (I have nothing against ghosts and jack […]
  • September Bullet Journal Set-up
    Hi there! This month I can’t wait to show you my bullet journal spread! I’ve decided to go with an arrow theme, which was easy to do and turned out […]
  • August 2018 Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Hello there!! Towards the end of July I decided that I wanted to pick up my bullet journal again- I’ve been slacking off a bit these past few months! May, […]
  • April Bullet Journal Title Page
    Hey everyone! Can you believe that it’s almost the end of March?!I finally got around to designing my April Bullet Journal title page, which is what I’ll be sharing with […]
  • New Bullet Journal Layouts!
    Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing two new bullet Journal layouts with you;) To me, switching up my layouts every once in a while is important, because it helps me […]
  • March Monthly Recap
    Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to share my March Monthly Recap with you- if you missed my Title page and Layout you can find them here. Just like the rest […]
  • March Bullet Journal Set-Up
    Ok, I know I might be jumping the gun a little on this post because there’s still over week of February left, but I’m just really excited about March! Simplicity […]
  • February Bullet Journal “ Monthly Recap”
    I said I would show you guys my February “Monthly Recap” section as soon as it was done, and I just finished it! Take a peek;) As you can see, […]
  • February Bullet Journal Set-Up
    I’m in love with February already! In this post I’ll be sharing my February Bullet Journal design and layout. Here we go! This month I decided to go with a […]
  • My New Bullet Journal Layout
    Hey guys! Sorry I couldn’t post on Monday… things got busy! Anyways, I decided to change my bullet journal layout, and I think I like it better already! It gives […]
  • Bullet Journal Update!
    Hello everyone! I hope that the first few days of the New Year were great for you;)) Are you ready for a more Bullet Journal ideas? I can’t wait to […]
  • My 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up
    Hi everyone! I’m really excited to share my first bullet journal post with you! I got everything that I wanted for Christmas- namely all bullet journaling supplies;)- and for the […]