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  • January 2021 Reading List
    Happy New Year everyone!! Today I get to move into my new bullet journal which is so exciting, and I also can’t wait to share what I’m going to be […]
  • My Favourite Books of 2020 + How To Read More In 2021
    ‘Sup friends! Happy New Year’s Eve! I’ve been loving all the posts I’ve been doing so far this week; I feel like I’m so ready for 2021 in my Bullet […]
  • 2021 Reading Challenge
    Hey there! This is going to be a heavy week for posting because I have so much to share with you guys before the new year! I think I’m going […]
  • December 2020 Reading List
    We’ve arrived at the final stretch of the year so this month I’m going HARD to finish all the books that I need to for my 2020 Reading Challenge. I […]
  • November 2020 Reading List
    I know I kind of did a Fall Reading List, but I finished most of the books on there and I’m ready to move on😂 So today I’m going to […]
  • Fall Reading List
    ‘Sup guys? I pretty much finished all of the books on my past reading list; I’m just finishing up The Great Gatsby and am waiting for The Guinevere Deception to […]
  • Summer 2020 Reading List
    Hey guys! It’s a tad late to be posting my summer reading list, but better late than never, right? Lately I’ve been trying to read more books that fit in […]
  • The Fantasy Lover’s Book List
    Hi guys! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve done a book post, so I’m back with one today. I’m SUPER excited because fantasy is my absolute favourite […]
  • My April Reading List
    Hey guys! I got more reading done in March than in February, mostly because of all the extra time I had. Now I can go see the Emma movie, and […]
  • March Reading List
    Hey there;)) I really need to get back on my reading game, especially if I want to finish my 2020 Reading Challenge by the end of the year. This March […]
  • 2020 Reading Challenge
    Hi guys! Hope your week is going well- mine feels really long but I guess that’s to be expected of the first week back. So far I’ve been sticking to […]
  • 8 Gifts For Book Lovers (that aren’t books)
    Hi guys! I’m so excited for Christmas! Only 10 days left! This post is for all of the last-minutes shoppers out there who don’t know what to by for their […]
  • Winter Reading List
    Last week I finished off my fall reading list- and I enjoyed it SO MUCH! The three books on it were each unique and fun reads. First, I finished the […]
  • My Fall Reading List
    Hello;)) As the weather starts getting cooler, I’m sure that we’re all feeling more inclined to snuggle under a pile of blankets and pick up a good book. I don’t […]
  • Summer 2019 Reading List
    Hi! Hope everyone’s summer is going well;) I still haven’t finished The Lord of the Rings, but I have some books lined up that I want to read after I’m […]
  • Spring Reading List
    Hi everyone! I had a really busy weekend so I wasn’t able to post, but today I wanted to update you on my spring reading list. I recently finished reading […]
  • February Reading List (No Fantasy)
    Hello! I got a bunch of Chapters gift cards over Christmas, which means that It’s time for me to replenish my stock of reading material. Today I’ll share three books […]
  • Summer TBR List
    I know that it’s a little late to be writing this, but seeing as I haven’t done a book post in a while I thought I’d go through with it. […]
  • What to Do During a Book Drought
    Hello everyone! Guess what? It’s the weekend and I’m out of books to read! I’m practically dying inside! I’ve ordered a bucket load of new books on Amazon, but they’re […]
  • Let’s Talk Literature!
    Hey guys! I know that I haven’t done a book review in a loooonnnnnng time, but now that I’m reading a new novel and the title isn’t Nancy Drew, I will definitely […]
  • Let’s Talk Literature
    Hello peoples! It’s Friday again (YES!), and that means it’s time to Talk Literature! This week’s prompt is based on the series In currently reading- Nancy Drew. I was just […]
  • Let’s Talk Literature
    I’m doing my happy dance because it’s finally Friday! Woo-hoo, time for another book post! This week I thought I’d try something a little different and see how it works […]
  • My January/February Book List📚📚📚
    It’s Friday peoples! And that means it’s time for a bookish post! Today I’ll be sharing my January/February book list with you guys, to give you a heads up on […]
  • My December Reading List
    For my bonus post this week, I decided to fill you in on my reading list for December. This will probably become a monthly thing and not so much of […]
  • Review-Life of Pi
    “LIFE OF PI” BY Yaan Martel December 1, 2017 Okay, wow. This book was amazing. As you know, Life of Pi is on my list of Top 4 Inspirational Books For Teens, but […]
  • Review-Red Queen
    “RED QUEEN” BY Victoria Aveyard November 24, 2017 To be honest, I was super excited to read this book. I even put Tower of Dawn, which is part of the Throne […]
  • Top 4 Inspirational Books For Teens
    Hi! This is my second post so far…. my first was a review on Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass. Now I’m here to share with you what I think are the […]
  • Wednesday Review- Throne of Glass
    “THRONE OF GLASS” BY Sarah J Maas October 9, 2017 MyDayisBOOKED Rating: 4 OWLS A Brief Summary: Celaena Sardothien is the most feared assassin in her country. She is stuck […]