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  • June 2021 Reading List
    Hey guys! I am BACK with another reading list because I’m tackling my HUGE TBR list that just keeps growing and growing one book at a time. Last month I […]
  • April/May 2021 Reading List
    I’M GOING SO SLOW this month! I’m still only like halfway through Women of Sand and Myrrh which isn’t bad but I’m not in love with it and it’s moving […]
  • March 2021 Reading List
    Hi friends! I’m doing pretty good with my 2021 Reading Challenge so far and I’m loving all of the books that I’ve selected🥰 If you haven’t checked out my challenge […]
  • February 2021 Reading List
    Hi guys! I don’t know about you, but right now I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of books on my book list. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I […]
  • January 2021 Reading List
    Happy New Year everyone!! Today I get to move into my new bullet journal which is so exciting, and I also can’t wait to share what I’m going to be […]
  • My Favourite Books of 2020 + How To Read More In 2021
    ‘Sup friends! Happy New Year’s Eve! I’ve been loving all the posts I’ve been doing so far this week; I feel like I’m so ready for 2021 in my Bullet […]
  • 2021 Reading Challenge
    Hey there! This is going to be a heavy week for posting because I have so much to share with you guys before the new year! I think I’m going […]
  • December 2020 Reading List
    We’ve arrived at the final stretch of the year so this month I’m going HARD to finish all the books that I need to for my 2020 Reading Challenge. I […]
  • November 2020 Reading List
    I know I kind of did a Fall Reading List, but I finished most of the books on there and I’m ready to move on😂 So today I’m going to […]
  • Fall Reading List
    ‘Sup guys? I pretty much finished all of the books on my past reading list; I’m just finishing up The Great Gatsby and am waiting for The Guinevere Deception to […]
  • Summer 2020 Reading List
    Hey guys! It’s a tad late to be posting my summer reading list, but better late than never, right? Lately I’ve been trying to read more books that fit in […]
  • The Fantasy Lover’s Book List
    Hi guys! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve done a book post, so I’m back with one today. I’m SUPER excited because fantasy is my absolute favourite […]
  • My April Reading List
    Hey guys! I got more reading done in March than in February, mostly because of all the extra time I had. Now I can go see the Emma movie, and […]
  • March Reading List
    Hey there;)) I really need to get back on my reading game, especially if I want to finish my 2020 Reading Challenge by the end of the year. This March […]
  • 2020 Reading Challenge
    Hi guys! Hope your week is going well- mine feels really long but I guess that’s to be expected of the first week back. So far I’ve been sticking to […]
  • 8 Gifts For Book Lovers (that aren’t books)
    Hi guys! I’m so excited for Christmas! Only 10 days left! This post is for all of the last-minutes shoppers out there who don’t know what to by for their […]
  • Winter Reading List
    Last week I finished off my fall reading list- and I enjoyed it SO MUCH! The three books on it were each unique and fun reads. First, I finished the […]
  • My Fall Reading List
    Hello;)) As the weather starts getting cooler, I’m sure that we’re all feeling more inclined to snuggle under a pile of blankets and pick up a good book. I don’t […]
  • Summer 2019 Reading List
    Hi! Hope everyone’s summer is going well;) I still haven’t finished The Lord of the Rings, but I have some books lined up that I want to read after I’m […]
  • Spring Reading List
    Hi everyone! I had a really busy weekend so I wasn’t able to post, but today I wanted to update you on my spring reading list. I recently finished reading […]
  • February Reading List (No Fantasy)
    Hello! I got a bunch of Chapters gift cards over Christmas, which means that It’s time for me to replenish my stock of reading material. Today I’ll share three books […]
  • Summer TBR List
    I know that it’s a little late to be writing this, but seeing as I haven’t done a book post in a while I thought I’d go through with it. […]
  • What to Do During a Book Drought
    Hello everyone! Guess what? It’s the weekend and I’m out of books to read! I’m practically dying inside! I’ve ordered a bucket load of new books on Amazon, but they’re […]
  • Let’s Talk Literature!
    Hey guys! I know that I haven’t done a book review in a loooonnnnnng time, but now that I’m reading a new novel and the title isn’t Nancy Drew, I will definitely […]
  • Let’s Talk Literature
    Hello peoples! It’s Friday again (YES!), and that means it’s time to Talk Literature! This week’s prompt is based on the series In currently reading- Nancy Drew. I was just […]
  • Let’s Talk Literature
    I’m doing my happy dance because it’s finally Friday! Woo-hoo, time for another book post! This week I thought I’d try something a little different and see how it works […]
  • My January/February Book List📚📚📚
    It’s Friday peoples! And that means it’s time for a bookish post! Today I’ll be sharing my January/February book list with you guys, to give you a heads up on […]
  • My December Reading List
    For my bonus post this week, I decided to fill you in on my reading list for December. This will probably become a monthly thing and not so much of […]
  • Review-Life of Pi
    “LIFE OF PI” BY Yaan Martel December 1, 2017 Okay, wow. This book was amazing. As you know, Life of Pi is on my list of Top 4 Inspirational Books For Teens, but […]
  • Review-Red Queen
    “RED QUEEN” BY Victoria Aveyard November 24, 2017 To be honest, I was super excited to read this book. I even put Tower of Dawn, which is part of the Throne […]
  • Top 4 Inspirational Books For Teens
    Hi! This is my second post so far…. my first was a review on Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass. Now I’m here to share with you what I think are the […]
  • Wednesday Review- Throne of Glass
    “THRONE OF GLASS” BY Sarah J Maas October 9, 2017 MyDayisBOOKED Rating: 4 OWLS A Brief Summary: Celaena Sardothien is the most feared assassin in her country. She is stuck […]