June 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hey there! I’m back after a bit of an extended leave of absence- I just haven’t been feeling super inspired lately and got off track when it comes to blogging, and actually bullet journaling as well. I started my May set-up but I didn’t have a clear vision for it and was making it WAY too complicated, and it all went downhill from there. So I took a little break from journaling this month, because I just wasn’t feeling it. And it’s all good; even though it bugs me a bit that I now have a month missing, I have some extra pages to play around with later:)

I’m excited to come back to my journal though and I love my June spread! I tried to keep the doodles simple so I can just quickly make weekly spreads and I don’t feel like I’m spending 3772839302 hours bullet journaling each week. Since it’s almost summer time I went with a cherry theme! I absolutely love cherries- they’re one of my favourite fruits, and the bright red and green is such a fun colour palette for some fun summer spreads!

I kept some things the same and changed some things up from previous months, so it’s a good mix of old and new:) Everything looks so cute though and I can’t wait to fill out all of these spreads! Planning definitely helps me feel in control and ready and inspired, and I’ve been missing that the past month. So I’m ready to get back into a routine and kick some butt.

Here’s my journal for the month of June!

Title page first! These cherries were so easy to draw, and I used a bright red and dark red shades of Crayola Super Tips, and my green zebra mildliner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the font; to give it that hombre look I used an eraser to kind of fade away the bottom of the lettering, and then went over the top half again to make it darker. And I finished it off with some white highlights, which I put on the cherries too- it makes them look so juicy! I did some little sparkles as well to fill up the space.

I haven’t done a calendar spread like this for a while, but I think I’ll try it out again. I’m going to use it to plan events and tasks and blog stuff, so that everything is in one place, so hopefully it doesn’t get too full. We’ll see! I also have a goals box and a box to write down the books I read in June.

Kept my trackers and everything the same because I love how easy they are to fill out, and also how the charts and graphs look:) Although I did add another tracker to track my workouts! I drew some more cherries on the side too, and it looks so good.

This page is so gorgeous too! It’s got my gratitude log, and then on the opposite page is a spot for me to journal a bit in the mornings. Especially since it’s so bright and nice outside in the mornings now, I’d like to start doing a bit of meditation and journaling each morning next month. Definitely a goal that I’m going to try and stick to! Underneath I made myself a little gas tracker just to keep track of how much I’m spending and when;) I cut the edge of the page around the cherries and outlined it in green, which looks cool too.

First weekly of the month! I think it came together really nicely. I outlined that curvy edge of the page in my three main colours this month, and drew in those cherries and those sparkles around the days of the week. We’ve got space to write down any events and to-dos, and also to plan my workouts. Love it!

The colours and doodles just all came together and this set-up is the perfect way to get me back into the groove. Hope you gathered some summer inspo from this post!

Yours Truly,


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