Bullet Journaling Supplies

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share the supplies I use for bullet journaling. I’ve mentioned in all of my bullet journaling posts that you don’t need any special equipment to start bullet journaling; just a journal and a pen. But these are all of the supplies I use to journal, as I feel that they are some of the basics and have served me well so far!

Let’s start with my journal;) I’m currently using the Leuchttrum 1917, which I used last year as well. It’s a great size, and has a back pocket. I also love the number of pages it has- 251- which means I get a lot of pages to use per month! This is a great journal for when you’re first starting out as well, as it’s only around $25.

Next up are the fine liners that I use. These are great for outlining things, lettering and drawing borders for calendars and other spreads. I got mine in a three pack; one has a 0.1 mm tip, one has a 0.3 mm tip, and one has a 0.5 mm tip. I get about a year of use out of each set, so they’re great quality;)

Here are the brush pens that I use- I’d say that these are my most important pens. They’re the perfect size for a bullet journal, and can be used for so many different kinds of lettering! One is hard tipped and one is soft tipped, so you can choose the one that you prefer while doing calligraphy.

I got this white gel pen over Christmas! It’s not necessary, but I really love it because it’s great for drop shadows and looks amazing over a black background. I used it in my 2020 set up a lot.

These Crayola Super Tips are some other markers that I use quite a bit. They’re cheap and are so versatile; they can be used for calligraphy, colouring and outlining.

These Zebra Mildliners are useful, but I don’t use them as often as some of my other supplies. They work well for highlighting and sometimes lettering.

I have lots of gel pens that I use also! Mostly for colour coding my tasks, but this month I’m using this gold gel pen a lot.

I recently started using this glue-tape and I love it- it’s super convenient for gluing things down in your journal. I also love washi tapes. This black and white one is my favourite!

That’s all of my favourite supplies! Most of it can be found on Amazon, and isn’t too expensive. See you on Wednesday!

Yours Truly,