How I Workout

Hey guys! I’ve never really done a post about my workouts and how I exercise before, but since it’s a really big part of my life, I wanted to write one.

I’m for sure not an expert in the field or anything, but I thought that I’d share what I like doing to stay active, and my general workout schedule. There is SO much info out there on all things fitness, and it can be hard to know where to start. I feel that confused sometimes- second guessing whether I’m doing the “right thing”. But the “right thing” is what works best for YOU and YOUR BODY; fitness is definitely not one size fits all. I suggest trying a variety of different kinds of workouts, from HIIT to straight cardio to strength training to yoga, and find something that works for you and that you enjoy. This post is just to show you what I like doing- and to maybe give you a bit of workout inspiration.

I definitely love lifting weights- I started a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. Strength training is amazing for building muscle, which translates into being more powerful and stable in sports, other kinds of physical activity, and day to day life! Right now I’m in the midst of a five day training split, with one upper body push day, one chest and bicep day, one upper body pull day, and two leg days. I’ve tried a bunch of different spilts before, including full body ones, but this one works pretty good for me right now! Each workout has around 4-5 exercises, and I complete 4 sets of each. I’m keeping my reps around 8-12 for now, but I adjust depending on how I’m feeling. Lower reps, around 5, and heavier weight are typically better for developing strength, while higher reps and lighter weight, around 15-20, are better for muscular endurance. I’m lucky enough to have access to a great home gym with equipment, so I’ve been able to keep this up throughout the pandemic. I’ll definitely write more on how to build your own strength workouts in a later post.

Along with my strength workouts, I like to do some quick conditioning as well- usually around 20 minutes. I’ve been loving Caroline Girvan’s videos on YouTube- they’re quick and intense! All those burpees and cardio movements are great for staying in shape for sports, and it’s good to have a strong base of cardio for other workout types as well. I feel that my strength training and conditioning workouts compliment each other and help me get the best of both worlds!

Working out 5-6 times a week is definitely not necessary- but I genuinely enjoy moving my body and I honestly don’t have much else to do with COVID😂 However, all movement is good movement and even if you’re getting active just a few times a week, that’s great! Again, I recommend trying out all different kinds of exercise. Find one that you love and can stick to! There are so many things you can do with minimal equipment if you’re looking to move your body and challenge yourself.

Something I’m working on is taking a full rest day- I usually feel compelled doing something all the time. But taking time off for your body to rest is so important to recover so you can give your next workout your all! I’m trying to stretch more on these days as well.

Here’s kind of a general overview of what a week of working out looks like for me:

Hopefully that gives you an idea of the kind of workouts I like doing! I’ll defintely share more about building strength workouts in the future.

Yours Truly,