March 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up (with February Monthly Recap)

Hi;)) I was originally going to post my March bullet journal set-up next week, but then I was like hey, it might be nice to post it a bit earlier so you guys actually have time to incorporate any ideas you like into your bullet journals! For the month of March I really wanted to do a green theme, so I decided on emeralds;) They’re really easy to draw and there’s so many different shapes you can use to keep things interesting. I used three different shades of green- a fairly light one, more of an emerald one, and a dark one. I hope you like my spreads!

Oh yeah, I wanted to quickly show you guys my February monthly recap. It’s exactly the same as January’s because I’m liking the way that it works for me. My favourite part of it is the monthly memories section- I love to paste pictures of the highlights of my month in there! I highly recommend implementing one into your journal.

Here we go with March. The title page is fairly simple, I just drew a bunch of different shapes and sizes of emeralds, and I wrote March in all caps because I’ve been doing a lot of calligraphy lately and wanted to switch things up;) On the left is a quote page, again surrounded by emeralds. I love the look of the simple handwriting I used, so I want to try and use that throughout this month.

This is my calendar. I wanted it to be more open and minimalistic this month, so I didn’t draw many lines in it! But I think it looks neat and we’ll see how it goes. There are some more emeralds in the background and of course some space for my goals and planning blog posts.

I didn’t change anything up with my habit tracker since I find it easy to fill out, but I did play around with my mood tracker. There’s a different emerald for each day, and I’ll colour it in according to my mood. Lighter green for happy and darker green for sad/mad.

And finally my gratitude log. Nothing too fancy going on here. I did however turn the last page before my first weekly spread back into a quote page, because I found that I can track my workouts on a week to week basis, and I didn’t use the brain dump as much as I thought I would. My calligraphy wasn’t on point for the quote, but I love the border of emeralds.

There you have it! I hope you find this helpful while doing your own March set up;) Keep your eyes open for next week’s post!

Yours Truly,


New Bullet Journal Layouts!

Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing two new bullet Journal layouts with you;) To me, switching up my layouts every once in a while is important, because it helps me stay interested in bullet journaling. Copying down the same layout week after week can be a bit monotonous, and I find that’s it gets harder for me to keep using my journal. So here are some new layouts that I’ve tried in the past couple weeks.

This is my first one. I absolutely looooooovvvveeee the hexagon shapes, and the lightbulb, and the little post-it, and the cactuses…… well, I love pretty much everything! I kept to the green theme with subtle hints of blue and pink for the pots, and I did make better use of my space to include an “Ideas” section, where I can record any sudden inspiration I might have! Other than that, everything is the same from my last layout, but with a different design aspect.

My next layout is a bit more simple, and is not unlike the one I used for all of February. I think that I like this better, though, because it has a designated area for tasks and events within each day, which makes it feel more organized. On the other page, I kept most of my elements the same, again with a little design mix-up, because you know, you have to keep things interesting!!

I hope that my new layouts inspire you to get creative and create some new layouts of your own! This is the best part of the whole thing, since you can experiment with different doodles, colours, and configurations. Happy journaling!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;))

March Bullet Journal Set-Up

Ok, I know I might be jumping the gun a little on this post because there’s still over week of February left, but I’m just really excited about March! Simplicity is key for this month, as I’m beginning to find out what works for me in a bullet journal. Let’s get right into my  set-up- I can’t wait to show it to you guys!!!!!


Here’s my title page! I’ve gone with a cactus theme in March for three reasons: 1- I feel like cactuses (or is it cacti?) are kind of trendy right now. 2- I think cactuses ( I;m going to go with cactuses) are cute. 3- I need an excuse to incorporate the quote “go sit on a cactus” somewhere in my layout. Cactuses are also green, which make them perfect for March, because when I think of March I think of new buds on trees, grass, and St.Patrick’s Day, all of which have to do with green. Drawing theses succulents was super easy, I found some clipart on Pinterest that I used as inspiration.


Ok fine, maybe I copied the cactuses straight from the image. My definition of inspiration may be different than some peoples’. Anyways, this page is super simple but cute at the same time, which makes it a winner in my opinion. Underneath my quote for March, which is “Let Spring Begin”, I stuck with my usual mini calendar and a space for my March events and goals. This has worked for me in the past, so I’m sticking with it. One thing that’s important in bullet journaling is definitely the fact that you need to include what works for you, not what’s in your friend’s journal or what you saw on that awesome book/healthy eating/ bullet journaling blog for teens (what? I can do a little self-promo if I want to!). The point is, don’t feel pressured to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to bullet journaling.


My weekly layout is basically the same as February’s, I just tweaked a few small things. First of all, for each day I drew a kind of tumble-weed cactus thingy instead of the date and wrote the abbreviation for the day of the week on it. This is just a nice change up, and it looks kind of cool. I still included the date on the other side, however, because I want to keep track of that. I also put in a To-Do list instead of a Brain-Dump, because I found that my brain didn’t really need to do a lot of dumping. Other than those minuscule changes, I stuck with the cactus theme and kept most of my elements from February.

That’s all for now folks! I will be sharing my Monthly Recap page later this week, so be on the lookout for that, and I also have a great recipe that I want to post soon. Thanks for reading and see ya later!


Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;)