New Bullet Journal Layouts!

Hey guys! Today I’ll be sharing two new bullet Journal layouts with you;) To me, switching up my layouts every once in a while is important, because it helps me stay interested in bullet journaling. Copying down the same layout week after week can be a bit monotonous, and I find that’s it gets harder for me to keep using my journal. So here are some new layouts that I’ve tried in the past couple weeks.

This is my first one. I absolutely looooooovvvveeee the hexagon shapes, and the lightbulb, and the little post-it, and the cactuses…… well, I love pretty much everything! I kept to the green theme with subtle hints of blue and pink for the pots, and I did make better use of my space to include an “Ideas” section, where I can record any sudden inspiration I might have! Other than that, everything is the same from my last layout, but with a different design aspect.

My next layout is a bit more simple, and is not unlike the one I used for all of February. I think that I like this better, though, because it has a designated area for tasks and events within each day, which makes it feel more organized. On the other page, I kept most of my elements the same, again with a little design mix-up, because you know, you have to keep things interesting!!

I hope that my new layouts inspire you to get creative and create some new layouts of your own! This is the best part of the whole thing, since you can experiment with different doodles, colours, and configurations. Happy journaling!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;))

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