The Fantasy Lover’s Book List

Hi guys! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve done a book post, so I’m back with one today. I’m SUPER excited because fantasy is my absolute favourite book genre. There are so many great fantasy series out there, and these are definitely at the top of the list of books I’ve loved reading the most. They’re full of adventure and really allow you to escape into them! Summer is a great time to lie outside in the sunshine with a good read, so stock up on some of these novels and enjoy!

Throne of Glass Series

This is my second all-time favourite series, just a smidgen beneath Harry Potter. It has pretty much all I want in adventure novels; a great heroine, lots of action, twists and turns, and some royalty. I would give a LOT to read these books for the first time again! They feature Celeana Sardothien, who is an ex-assassin brought to compete in a series of challenges to become the king’s champion. (The king is a bad dude, by the way). But there’s a bigger evil force at play and she needs to delve into her past (queue a MAJOR plot twist- I won’t spoil it though) and she gathers a whole bunch of interesting characters to help fight it. This is a lengthy series but it’s so well done, and there’s so many little side stories and pieces of background information that come together beautifully at the end. These books are definitely must-reads!

Red Queen Series

I read these books a while back but I really enjoyed them. They have a bit of a futuristic/sci-fi spin, which is pretty cool. They take place in a world where some humans have evolved to have awesome powers and silver blood. I wish. Everyone else with ordinary red blood are ruled by those with silver. A red-blooded girl named Mare is revealed to have powers too, and the king is like, not cool man, so he betroths her to his son and calls her a long lost silver princess to cover it up. Mare has to survive in the world of silvers and, as the series goes on, a crazy war that’s started after some twists. Be sure to check these out!

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

These books are by the same author as Throne of Glass, and I have to say I like Throne of Glass a bit better. This series of four books is still pretty good though. It starts off as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but then it gets a bit darker and features betrayal and some shocking reveals, as well as some magical lands (which are always awesome). I enjoyed the adventure and plot line of these books a lot, but there was a little too much romance for me.

Six of Crows Duology

This is a set of two books that I want to read again soon because I remember really loving them! They’re about a group of criminals who get offered a crazy amount of money to pull off a heist. These books are great because the characters are developed so well and they each have their own kind of backstory, which adds so much. And it’s still set in a magical destination with magical stuff going on, so you get your fantasy fix. 10/10 recommend!

Three Dark Crowns Series

Finally, we have the Three Dark Crowns series, which is the one I finished the most recently. I really enjoyed all of the folklore and magic and mystery in this series! It’s about three sisters that are destined to fight to the death to become the Queen of the island of Fennbirn. There’s people with magic powers, rebellion, plot twists, and so much more in these books! You should for sure check them out.

Hope you got some great summer reading ideas! I love all of these books so much and this made me want to revisit some of them;) See you on Friday!

Yours Truly,


My December Reading List

For my bonus post this week, I decided to fill you in on my reading list for December. This will probably become a monthly thing and not so much of a bonus post, but for this week it is;). Here is my must-read list this month!

  • The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy- I’m reading this book mostly because I read the first one, and when I start a series I feel compelled to finish it. It’s pretty good so far, but it’s no Life of Pi or Throne of Glass.
  • The Last 6 Nancy Drew Books; Mystery of the Glowing Eye, The Secret of the Forgotten City, The Sky Phantom, The Strange Message in the Parchment, Mystery of Crocodile Island, The Thirteenth Pearl- This Summer I started reading this series- they’re the original hardcovers, not the modern-day versions, so it’s a totally different writing style than I’m used to. I got through 50 of them, but then had to take a little break because that’s a little too much Nancy Drew even for me. It’s my goal to finish them all this year, so I might have to speed-read a little;).
  • Glass Sword-This is part of the Red Queen series. I’m hoping to get a copy for Christmas because it’s a $25 book! Anyways, if I finish the rest of the Nancy Drew than this is my back-up.

That’s my list for this month! I wish that I could’ve included more variety, but I need to finish Nancy Drew this year. Next month I promise that I’ll read a lot of good ones- I’m crossing my fingers that the next Throne of Glass book is out by then. Bye for now!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked


Wednesday Review- Throne of Glass


October 9, 2017


Rating: 4 OWLS

A Brief Summary:

Celaena Sardothien is the most feared assassin in her country. She is stuck in a slave camp until the Prince of Adarlan and the Captain of his guard whisk her away to the castle to compete in a fierce competition. Celaena must outdo 23 other thieves, assassins and warriors to become the King’s champion, and ultimately win back her freedom.  But something else is brewing in the palace, something sinister. Celaena must find the evil and destroy it before it destroys her, even if it means risking her life in the process. Follow this dashing heroine as she meets friends, makes enemies, and has the adventure of a lifetime.

I gave this book 4 OWLS because it was full of excitement and the author did a really good job of making me feel what the characters were feeling. The main character, Celaena, is charming in an arrogant sort of way, and she’s so un-relatable that she’s relatable. Does that make sense? I love fantasy and books about kings and all of that, so this book was a good fit for me.

As for who would like to read this book, people who like action, power-house heroines and a little bit of romance would enjoy it. I would say that it is fit for ages 13-16. There are some swears and adult themes, but not a ton.

Related Titles:

Crown of Midnight (the sequel), Heir of Fire (the third book), Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms (the fourth and fifth books), The Hunger Games.