Wednesday Review- Throne of Glass


October 9, 2017


Rating: 4 OWLS

A Brief Summary:

Celaena Sardothien is the most feared assassin in her country. She is stuck in a slave camp until the Prince of Adarlan and the Captain of his guard whisk her away to the castle to compete in a fierce competition. Celaena must outdo 23 other thieves, assassins and warriors to become the King’s champion, and ultimately win back her freedom.  But something else is brewing in the palace, something sinister. Celaena must find the evil and destroy it before it destroys her, even if it means risking her life in the process. Follow this dashing heroine as she meets friends, makes enemies, and has the adventure of a lifetime.

I gave this book 4 OWLS because it was full of excitement and the author did a really good job of making me feel what the characters were feeling. The main character, Celaena, is charming in an arrogant sort of way, and she’s so un-relatable that she’s relatable. Does that make sense? I love fantasy and books about kings and all of that, so this book was a good fit for me.

As for who would like to read this book, people who like action, power-house heroines and a little bit of romance would enjoy it. I would say that it is fit for ages 13-16. There are some swears and adult themes, but not a ton.

Related Titles:

Crown of Midnight (the sequel), Heir of Fire (the third book), Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms (the fourth and fifth books), The Hunger Games.

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