March Monthly Recap

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to share my March Monthly Recap with you- if you missed my Title page and Layout you can find them here. Just like the rest of my March journal, I’m keeping it pretty simple and similar to my January and February Set-ups. I stuck with my cactus theme and green colour scheme. Take a look!

I made a bit of a mistake when drawing the rectangle that surrounds the words “Monthly Recap”, and tried to cover it by using a thicker marker, although it didn’t really turn out how I would’ve liked it to. But that’s ok; these kinds of things help me to learn to let go of the stuff I can’t fix! Otherwise, though, I’m pretty happy with everything else, especially my cute little cactuses;)

And guess what….

That’s going to make me smile every time I read it! See you later!Next time I post, it will be an awesome recipe;)

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;))

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