November Bullet Journal Set-Up

I can’t believe it’s November already! This year is just flying by……. on the 22nd it will be the first anniversary of! But first things first; I need to set-up my bullet journal so I can plan out my month. For November I’m going with a tea and book theme, because when I think of fall I think of curling up with a hot mug of tea and a good book. I added some leaves in there too for extra fallness (fallness in now a word). There are some changes within a few of my spreads because I want to so some experimenting, but I absolutely looooooovvvvvveeee how they turned out. So scroll down and take a peek already!



My accent colours for this month are light purple and grey. On my title page I have doodles of falling leaves, steaming mugs of tea, and a couple of books. There are some purple and grey dots just to fill in the empty spaces. I thought that my quote for this month is really cute; “leaves are falling, books are calling”, although books are always calling, so…….. Anyways, these pages look really good, except for the fact that I didn’t  search up how to draw a book before I drew the big book that I wrote November on, and it doesn’t look the best. Whatever. It’s not like I want to smack myself on the forehead every time I look at it or anything.


One of my favourite calendar layouts yet! Just lots of doodles and dots. I’m really proud of how my calligraphy skills are coming along though! Also, I starting adding drop shadows to a lot of my drawings, and it gives a really cool effect. You’re going to notice a lot of black boxes with silver writing throughout my spreads this month, and this is because I made a lot of mistakes. Basically anywhere I messed up, I drew over it in black and then rewrote whatever needed rewriting in silver. #BulletJournalHacks


Here are all of my trackers for this month. For my habit tracker, I just reverted back to an old classic; numbering off thirty squares, and the filling them in if I did a particular habit that day. My mood tracker is a bit different from usual though, it’s more like a chart. Each day I’ll draw a dot in the square that corresponds to my mood. I don’t know if you can see it, but at the bottom of the page there’s a legend with different little faces; to the right is happy and to the left is not so happy. I’m connecting the dots so it looks like a graph of sorts. You may have realized that I didn’t include a space to plan my blog posts this month, and this is because I found that I don’t really use it all that much. So I just included another book quote to fill that empty space.


My first weekly spread has a bit of a scrapbookish feel to it. This is all due to the card stock I glued in there. I also printed of a black and white photo of leaves falling off of trees, which I love. Since school has started, I’ve also been including a place to write down homework that is due and tests that are coming up, so that I can see everything that I need to do in one place. The rest of this spread is pretty self-explanatory.


There we go! Now I can start planning my month.Hopefully you found my spreads inspiring! Have a great week;)


Yours Truly, MydayIsBooked:)))))))


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