December Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hey guys! I’ve had some people asking why I haven’t posted my December Bullet Journal Set-Up yet- I’ve been either super busy or super lazy. Sorry about that. But today I have the time and motivation to share my December layouts with you! This month my theme is Elf, the movie with Will Ferrel. It’s my all time favourite Christmas movie, and I thought that there’s a lot of fun stuff I can do with it bullet journal wise! Hope you guys like my spreads;)


My title page is cute but simple: a drawing of Buddy the elf (I decided not to include his face because I couldn’t draw a decent human face if my life depended on it) and on the opposite page I drew his hat with a quote from the movie that says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”. That’s another great thing about this theme- there are so many awesome quotes that I can use!


This is my monthly calendar layout. Every time I write the word calendar I second-guess the placement of the e and the a. Anyways, here I drew sort of a north pole scene with snow and a little log house. I also included Leon the snowman and Mr. Narwhal from the movie. Oh, and I decided not to make a sixth row in this calendar because I needed the room for other stuff. Instead, the last Monday of the month is split into two. 


I had some problems with this page. At first I was going to do something really cool with the mood tracker, but I just couldn’t figure out the logistics. So I did what I call a mood line- I’ll just write down the date somewhere on the line everyday. Kind of like a number line. Did I just compare Bullet Journaling to math? Ugh. On the opposite page, I have my gratitude spread (which is the same as always) and a handy dandy gift list. Which will be useful when I actually figure out what I’m going to get for people. 


This is my first weekly spread. Nothing to fancy, I just had a bit of fun with the quote on the side. I always leave room to write down any homework or tests coming up. If any of my next weeklies look cool I’ll tweet them out for you guys. (@mydayisbooked)

And that’s December! Just to let you know, though, I’m super excited for the end of this month so that I can start on my spreads for the New Year. I might’ve started planning them in September. But I’ll post some super cool stuff before then, too. See ya!

Yours truly, MyDayIsBooked;)))))))

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