February 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up (With January Monthly Recap)

Hi again! After much careful consideration, I was able to come up with a fun bullet journal theme for February. I wanted to do something a little different than roses or hearts, but still related to Valentine’s day. So this month my theme is Hot Air Balloons! I think that hot air balloons are pretty romantic so it fits in with the whole love thing. They’re easy to draw but you can have a ton of fun with different patterns. My January monthly recap is also featured in this post, and it looks a little different from the ones I did last year due to the fact that I have more space, so I’m pretty excited about that too. Let’s get into my spreads!

Here we have my January Recap/Memories/Reflection. I wanted space to really reflect at the end of the month about what’s going on in my life, and also somewhere to paste any cool pictures of events that went on. The monthly recap section is similar to last year’s, but I added some things like workout progress and a space to write down which books I read, because I didn’t add it in at the beginning of my journal. Looking back, I might need to expand that in the future because I read, like, a lot of books. So yeah, I guess I’ll see how that goes and I might tweak it a bit in February.

Here’s my title page;) I love the way it turned out because it’s so bright and airy and feminine, which is cute for February. In addition to drawing a few hot air balloons, I also included some simple clouds and birds to fill the empty space. The colours that I used are a light pink marker and my light blue zebra mildliner. My quote for the month is “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, which fits the hot air balloon theme and reminds me that this month I want to be more adventurous.

This is my calendar layout- I apologize for all of the blacked-out events. I always forget to take a picture of my spreads before I write in them! Anyways, I continued the clouds, birds and balloons in this spread, but in the background so that it looks like the calendar is floating in the sky. I also gave myself a bigger space to write my goals and plan blog posts, because I almost ran out of space last month.

These are my trackers for the month. I kept my habit tracker the same, because I find it quick to draw and it works pretty well for me. I switched up my mood tracker a bit though; every day I’ll colour in a portion of the balloon according to the legend on the side. Light pink means I was really happy and dark blue means I had an off day. I tried to make these two spreads cohesive and look like they’re in the same sky, and I think it worked well.

Here’s my gratitude log, which also didn’t change much from last month. On the opposite side, however, I made space for a Workout Tracker and Brain Dump. It’ll be nice to keep track of the weight that I’m squatting, pressing and curling, and also which days that I did cardio. As for the brain dump, last month felt like I needed to write random things down, so I decided to try it. I might move to a full page next month if I need more room.

And lastly my first weekly spread. Because I have the space I decided to only do two days in this spread so that I can start on a Sunday the following week. On the right is a quote page that says, “Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up.” from Leonardo Da Vinci.

That’s all for February! I’ll keep my Instagram, mydayisbooked_24, updated throughout the month with new weekly spreads. See you next week!:)))

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked

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