June Bullet Journal Set-Up with May Monthly Recap

Hi there! As you’ve probably already heard, June is herb month here at MyDayIsBooked.com! I’m super excited, and so for this month’s theme I went with herbs;) I used three different shades of green, as well as my silver gel pen on a black background to give a kind of chalkboard effect, which I think goes with the whole herb garden theme. It was a bit time consuming to draw out all of the herbs, but I absolutely LOVE the way that these spreads turned out!!!! Here they are;)

First of all, here’s my May monthly recap. Nothing changed here, but I just thought I’d share it with you guys;)

Annnnd here’s my title page! I’m loving the different hues of greens;) I drew cilantro, chives, dill, basil and parsley because that’s what’s growing in my herb garden. The green border around the title page adds a little something to an otherwise empty space; you’ll see that I use that through the month. And I found the perfect quote to go with my theme!

My calendar uses more white on black for the days of the week and the dates. I drew some more kinds of herbs, and included a goals section. I didn’t make space for a blog post planning section though, because there’s so much going on this month that I took up an entire page later in the month for that!!

Both my habit tracker and mood tracker are pretty simple this month, as I didn’t want them looking too crazy with all of the different herbs that I was drawing. So I drew a few herbs in the background, another green border, and called it a day.

Here’s my gratitude log. Pretty simple. I wrote a quote at the bottom that says, “be thankful for the things that help you grow” which goes with my theme.

This month I also included a study schedule, which I’ll need with finals coming up!! I wrote Keep Calm and Chive On at the bottom, which I thought was cute because I drew a bunch of chives on this page;))

Finally I have my first weekly spread! I kept it confined to one page because the opposite page is occupied by my blog planner (sorry guys, I can’t let you see any spoilers😊).

There you go! I’m so excited to jump into herb month and share some cool recipes with you guys;) In the meantime, happy planning!

Yours Truly,


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