My Fall Reading List

Hello;)) As the weather starts getting cooler, I’m sure that we’re all feeling more inclined to snuggle under a pile of blankets and pick up a good book. I don’t know which I like better- reading while sun tanning or reading next to a fire while it’s raining outside? Today I have the list of three books that I’d like to read this fall. Sadly with school starting I find that I only have time to read before bed, but hopefully these are the kind of books that make you put everything else aside in order to devour them. I hope that this list give you a little bit of reading inspiration;)

My Fall Reading List

Five Dark Fates

This is the last book in the Three Dark Queens series, which I started reading a little while ago. The first book centers around triplets who must fight to the death in order to claim the throne. It’s a pretty good series if you’re into fantasy books and political scheming, and I’m excited to finish it off.

House of Salt and Sorrows

This novel is a play on The Twelve Dancing Princesses, but with a dark twist. Annaleigh lives with her father, stepmother, and eleven sisters. When four of her sisters die due to tragic accidents, she starts trying to unravel the “curse” that has fallen on her family. The other girls have been sneaking off every night to dance at fancy balls, and she doesn’t know whether that has a connection to the deaths. This book has great reviews and I hope that it’s a winner.

The Book Thief

I’m excited to read this one because I think that it’s a classic. During WWII, a girl named Liesel is taken in by a foster family and soon falls in love with reading. She begins saving books from Nazi book-burnings, and, when her family shelters a Jew, sharing them with him. This should be both an intense and interesting read.

So yeah, I’m going to break out my Chapter’s gift cards and start crushing these novels! Hope you had a good weekend and I’ll see you Wednesday.

Yours Truly,


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