2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My favourite gift was a brand new bullet journal, in a gorgeous olive green! I’m going with the Leuchttrum 1917 journal again, as I really liked it last year. It has 251 pages (I get two extra since last year they made them with 249!) which is great because I like to have 20 pages per month, plus more at the beginning of the year. I found that the pages were a good size and weight, and it also has a pocket at the back which is handy. I wrote 2020 on a bit of washi tape and stuck it on the front for a bit of decoration.

I absolutely love my 2020 set up, I used black, white, grey and a silvery green to go with the olive branch design that I printed out and used in many of the spreads. Everything is fairly simple and pretty;) The pens I used to create it were my tombow fudenoske brush pen, a white gel pen, a zebra mild liner and some crayola super tips markers, which are my favourite;)

If you’re just starting to bullet journal, I recommend buying only a few pens and markers, nothing too fancy, and crayola super tips are awesome because there’s five million colours, they’re cheap and work for calligraphy and doodling. You can also check out my past two yearly set ups; 2018 and 2019, but I’ll try to be very descriptive in this post.

Bullet journaling is a big part of my life now, and if you have a notebook and a pen then I suggest you try it out! It’s a great way to be artistic and to include a bunch of mental health and journaling activities into your life. It also helps you to plan and manage your time more effectively. There are tons of great resources online that you can use to help you; one YouTube channel that inspired me to start and still inspires me now is AmandaRachLee. Her doodles are beautiful and her videos are super easy to follow, so if you need some additional ideas go ahead and check out her channel! Otherwise, here’s my 2020 bullet journal set-up;))

I started with a key and a title page. This key lays out the symbols and colours that I’ll use throughout the year to mark certain tasks and events. The only change I made from last year was that I added a symbol for “task half complete” because I found myself only completing tasks halfway and then not knowing what to do😬 My title page is waaay simpler than last year (ew when I typed waaay it auto corrected to essay). I might add some washi tape to it but I like the way it turned out.

These two spreads are my future log. Here I’ll write down events so that I can plan my year before I complete each monthly spread. Once I have a full calendar set up for each month then I can transfer all of the events into that, and then from my monthly calendar into a weekly spread. I kept there spreads simple as well, using a grey marker to write out the months and only putting in hints of green.

Here’s my goals page, which I split into four different sections. There are so many ways to organize a page like this, so get creative! Opposite I have a “this year” spread, where I’ll write some things that I’d like to do in 2020.

Both of these pages are something new from last year- instead of having a vision board and a mantra page, which I didn’t really use, I included a spot to write down “20 things to do in 2020”, as well as a blog ideas page.

For the final two pages of my set-up, I included an “about me” page and a quote page.

That’s all for my 2020 set-up! I hope you liked it and gathered some inspiration for your own journal;) My January Set-Up will be up soon!

Yours Truly,


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