January 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hey guys! 2020 is only a day away and I finally have my January set-up finished! I think my New Years resolution is going to be to post these set ups earlier so that you actually have time to incorporate some ideas into your own journals😂

My theme this month is sort of an Art-Deco 1920’s vibe, using black and gold, that I saw on AmandaRachLee’s YouTube channel. I love the idea of starting off the 2020s with a 1920s design, plus the black and gold colours remind me of New Years. I used a lot of AmandaRachLee’s design this month, but I did use quite a few of my own elements and layouts as well. Pinterest has a ton of Art Deco design inspiration, so definitely look there if you need ideas for patterns and fonts!

I do want to do some things differently this year- mainly switch up my writing style and play around with trackers. I feel like I’ve been using the same font every month (I may be a little calligraphy obsessed), so this year I want to try some different ones. I also want to experiment with different styles of trackers, since I used the same model all throughout last year.

With that, let’s get into my January set-up and my last post of the year!

This is my title page! I created a bunch of geometric designs using a gold gel pen. To capture the Art Deco vibe, there’s lots of diamonds and a fancy border. On the opposite page I used some black paper and a metallic gold marker to make a quote page.

Next is my calendar spread. This is something that I kept the same as last year, because it worked really well for me. I used some more black paper for a goals and focus section. Here, I’ll write things that I want to accomplish this month and something that I want to focus on.

Here’s where I switched things up! Instead of having a grid habit tracker, I’m going to try out having individual habit trackers and crossing off the day when I complete each habit. It’s a lot more work to set up, but we’ll see if I prefer this style or not. For my mood tracker, I drew another Art Deco design and left it empty so that each day I can fill a space in with a different paterm to represent a certain mood.

I enjoy writing down a few things that I’m grateful for each day, so I kept the gratitude log in my journal. Next I have a page to plan my Instagram and blog posts. The designs and borders I used are the same throughout, to keep it consistent.

My final page is my first weekly spread;) I tried to draw the numbers in an Art Deco font, and I think this page turned out well! On the opposite side I drew another quote page that I’ll share later on Instagram😉

There’s my first monthly set-up of 2020! How you liked it and I’ll see you in the new year!

Yours Truly,


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