4 Essential Pieces of Kitchen Equipment

Hey there! To be honest, today I was going to post an omelette recipe, but it turns out we have no eggs. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to post about some kitchen equipment that I use really often and that I think are SUPER important.

You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to be a good cook, but there are a few things you can buy that make a great investment. These kitchen tools are all really versatile and take care of both very simple and more complex tasks that you might have to do. I use at least one of these things every day, and more often than not I’ll use two or three. Most of them are a big part of the recipes I make.

When buying these items, it’s also important to make sure that they’re good quality. I’ve bought some dollar store can openers and garlic mincers in my time, and you can definitely tell the difference in how they preform compared to higher quality ones. While it might be a bit more expensive to get better tools, it’s DEFINITELY worth it in the long run.

So yeah! Hopefully this list is helpful to you as you build your artillery of kitchen tools:) The omelette can wait, let’s get into the post!

A Good Set of Knives

This might seem like a given, but having a good set of both plain-edged and serrated knives is ESSENTIAL in making pretty much everything! Having good quality knives, and keeping them sharp, makes everything easier. Bigger knives are great for cutting things like squash, sweet potatoes, and meats; serrated knives work well for tomatoes and bread; and the smaller knives in between cut everything else. I would say that these are your MOST important pieces of kitchen equipment.

Garlic Mincer

I love garlic, so having a good quality garlic mincer is important to me! This little gadget also saves a lot of time, because you don’t have to mince the garlic by hand. I’ve bought some cheap ones before and they didn’t work well at all, so be sure to buy a metal one!

Veggie Peeler

Veggie peelers might me the most underrated piece of equipment in your kitchen. They not only peel veggies, but they can make beautiful veggie ribbons like in my Thai Ribbon Salad. I peel sweet potato so often that this one is a necessity for me!

Blender/Food Processor

This is definitely one piece of equipment that you don’t want to cheap out on! Cheaper blenders or food processors just can’t do the things that good quality ones can. For blending tough or hard foods, you need an awesome machine! I have a Vitamix, and I use it for everything from smoothie bowls to soups and sauces to nut butters. It’s so versatile and useful in the kitchen!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you Wednesday!

Yours Truly,


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