12 Days of Awesome Ways to Be Healthier- Day 4

It’s Day 4 and I have another way for you to be healthier! Take a peek down below for today’s advice.

Make It aHabit.

It’s one thing to say you’re going to start eating healthier, but, surprise surprise, you actually have to do it. Once you make a healthy recipe for the first time, see how you like it. I recommend trying to make a healthy version of something you enjoy. Then you can sit back and say, (depending on the recipe) wow. That was good, and I feel really good about eating that. When that happens, you have to start making eating better a habit. What’s the point of thinking about eating healthy if you don’t do it?

That’s the fourth day right there! I’m excited for tomorrow…… until then, focus on the four tips I’ve shared with you this week! Don’t forget to leave some comments and like this post;))

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked

12 Days of Awesome Ways to Be Healthier- Day 3!

Hey guys! I’m back with Day #3! So far I’ve posted 2 ways to be healthier- Make it Easy and Eat Healthier, which went along with my Homemade Granola Recipe. Today I’m going to post about ways that you can eat healthy while making it taste good. I touched on the subject a little on Day 2, but in this post I’ll go into more detail.

Make it Taste Great.

Ok, so, as I said in my last post, a big part of being healthier is obviously eating healthier. The two number one reasons that I think are why people don’t eat healthy are one; they don’t have time, and two; they think that eating healthy doesn’t taste good compared to the sugary, deep fried items that we are all used to eating. And, I’m going to be frank with you here; most of the time that’s the truth. But, by knowing what to put in healthy food, you can make it taste great without adding any unhealthy ingredients. This, I believe, is the realization that we all must come to in order to lead healthier lifestyles. So, now we get to the fun part: what can we eat to replace the unhealthy foods in our pantries? Take a peek at the next paragraph to find out…..

I mainly want to talk to you about sugar. You need some to survive, but our bodies prefer the natural, unprocessed kind found in fruits, honey, and maple syrup. Cutting down on refined sugar will definitely help you to be healthier. Personally , I’m trying not to eat any at all. Try to avoid granola bars and other packaged goods that have sugar or glucose-fructose listed in the ingredients. I know that that eliminates a big section of most school snacks, but there are some options that use organic cane sugar or honey as a sweetener. I will also be posting a healthy granola bar recipe in the near future, so keep an eye out for that as well. For recipes that use white or brown sugar, you can use honey, cane sugar or maple syrup as a healthier option. I found a recipe for avocado brownies on Pinterest, and it used honey and avocados as a substitute for sugar and butter. They came out great! I couldn’t believe that they had no refined sugar in them!

Sometimes butter can also be a problem, but coconut oil is a great substitute for that. 1/2 cup of coconut oil equals a 1/2 cup of butter.

Those are the main points that I wanted to make today! Let me know if you have any questions about more healthy substitutions in the comments! See ya later!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked

12 Days of Awesome Ways to be Healthier- Day 2!

Hello everybody! Today is Day 2 of 12- Eat Healthier! Ok, I know that that’s the most general thing out there, but I will explain how to eat healthier. Here we go.

Eat Healthier.

So, we all know that we should be eating healthy, but what does that mean? Most of us perceive it as eating salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But that isn’t the case. Eating healthy can be easier and tastier than you think. For example, the granola recipe that I’m about to post is a healthy and delicious snack. To eat better, try to cut down on refined sugar (which is that white grainy stuff that you use for most of your baking) and eat more veggies, fruits, and protein. Again, this doesn’t mean that you have to eat a salad at every meal. Smoothies are a great way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet because they taste great. Today I had a Greek Yogurt Smoothie Bowl for breakfast, and chicken salad on crackers for lunch. Perfectly healthy- and no salad whatsoever! Also, try to stay away from ingredients that you can’t pronounce, for obvious reasons. This is why I started using all natural peanut butter- the Kraft version has corn maltodextrin in it, and who wants to eat that? Eating less refined sugar and nothing you can’t pronounce can be hard though, so take baby steps. And remember- everything in moderation!That’s Day 2! Hopefully you got some new ideas on eating healthier, and can use this information along with Day 1’s post: Make It Easy. Check out my blog tomorrow for Day 3!!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked

12 Days of Awesome Ways to Be Healthier- Day 1

Hey guys! As you know, Christmas is coming up quickly and as of today there are 12 days left until the big day! Crazy, right? Anyways, in keeping with the festive theme, I decided to do a spin on “The 12 days of Christmas”. Each day for the next 12 days, I’ll post one awesome way that you can be healthier! I hope that these posts help you to find time to practice healthy habits, even though our teen lives are pretty busy with school, sports, and friends (I can tell you from experience!). Today is Day 1, and here is my first awesome way to be healthier!

Make It Easy.

What I think is the first step to leading a healthier lifestyle is making it easy to do so.  Sometimes when we’re rushing from sport to sport or frantically putting school lunches together in the morning, it’s easy to grab a wagon wheel or a pizza pop and call it a day. The key to being healthy lies in one thing: making time for it. If you know you won’t have time to prepare a healthy snack in-between sports practices, make one ahead and bring it with you. If you have a hard time putting together a good lunch in the morning, make it the night before. This way, it becomes easier and easier to grab a healthy option, and it’s less stressful as well;). Same goes for exercise, sleep, and pretty much everything else I’ll talk about over the next 12 days. If you don’t make time for it, it won’t happen, and that’s that.

There you go! Day 1 complete! Come back tomorrow for Day 2’s post, as well as my recipe for healthy and tasty homemade granola. Bye!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked♥