12 Days of Awesome Ways to Be Healthier- Day 4

It’s Day 4 and I have another way for you to be healthier! Take a peek down below for today’s advice.

Make It aHabit.

It’s one thing to say you’re going to start eating healthier, but, surprise surprise, you actually have to do it. Once you make a healthy recipe for the first time, see how you like it. I recommend trying to make a healthy version of something you enjoy. Then you can sit back and say, (depending on the recipe) wow. That was good, and I feel really good about eating that. When that happens, you have to start making eating better a habit. What’s the point of thinking about eating healthy if you don’t do it?

That’s the fourth day right there! I’m excited for tomorrow…… until then, focus on the four tips I’ve shared with you this week! Don’t forget to leave some comments and like this post;))

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked

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