Bullet Journal Update!

Hello everyone! I hope that the first few days of the New Year were great for you;)) Are you ready for a more Bullet Journal ideas? I can’t wait to share them! Here we go.

Ok, so this is my spread for the second week of January. As you can see, it’s different from the first week! Let me explain. First of all, I wrote the days of the week like I did in my first spread; with the black cursive letters on top of the coloured capital letters. But then I realized that I had labelled the ninth of January as a Monday, when it’s actually a Tuesday. This is because I have 8 days in the first week due to my journal’s lack of pages. So, I decided to colour over top of the days of the week with my black Super Tip marker, and write over top of it with my silver gel pen. It actually looks pretty good! The black splurge on the Sunday space is just an event that I had to cover up that is actually happening on Saturday. This is where the problem solving aspect of Bullet Journaling comes in!!!

I also switched around the layout of my spread for this week. I placed the “Word of the Week” section underneath Monday and Tuesday, leaving more room for a space where I can record the “highlight of the week”. I think I like this better because it’ll be easier to write a journal entry at the end of the month when I can look back on the best part of every week;)

Finally, I decided to add a “Daily Goal” space in each day. Every morning I’ll write down something that I want to see happen on that day in that section. This will help me stay focused and really drive me to accomplish my goals.

I think that’s all! Hopefully you found some of my new additions to my journal inspiring or useful. I’m counting down the days until I can start my February lay-out because I have a pretty theme! See you in my next post.

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked

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