What to Do During a Book Drought

Hello everyone! Guess what? It’s the weekend and I’m out of books to read! I’m practically dying inside! I’ve ordered a bucket load of new books on Amazon, but they’re not supposed to come until Monday. That’s, like, two whole days away! So, I’m desperately trying not to freak out while my brain is suffering from a serious case of book deprivation (yes, book reading is just as important to my brain as oxygen.). Down below I’ve comprised a list of things that you can do during a Book Drought, to keep you from going out of your mind as you wait to get your hands on a novel.


1. Read a Book That You’ve Already Read

Reading a book that you’ve previously read is something that you might like to do even in times when books are in abundance. I find that whenever I reread a novel, I discover something that I missed the first time, and the story takes on a different meaning. Rediscovering a book is one of the great joys of reading, and that is why it is number one on my list.

2. Read a Book That You Never thought to Read Before

Even though reading a book for the second time can be great, sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Instead, I suggest scouring the house- or even your own bookshelf, for a book that maybe you never thought that you’d read. Everyone has that one book on their shelf that they look at in disdain, and just sort of shove aside in favour of other titles. Well, it’s time to read that book! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and a Book Droughts are definitely desperate times.

3. Read Magazines, Newspapers, Anything You Can get Your hands On!

If you don’t have any books that you can devour, look around your house for magazines, newspapers, heck even flyers will work. Anything to trick your brain into novel-reading mode. And even if your mind doesn’t quite fall for this clever bit of tomfoolery, at least you’re reading something!

4. Keep Yourself Occupied

When you don’t have a good book to read, keeping yourself busy is a great way not to notice. By packing your day full of activities, you won’t have time to worry about your serious dilemma. However, this strategy only works for a few days, because after that your brain will soon succumb to the effects of book deprivation, which include drooling whenever you see a book, daydreaming over books, and, in serious cases, stealing books, which does not look good on your library record. if you know you’re going to be without books for longer than four days, try options 1, 2, or 3.


Well, I hope that now you’re better prepared for Book Droughts in the future. if you have any questions or suggestions about what to do during these times of crisis, let me know in the comments! May you forever have an abundance of books.


Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;)

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