September Bullet Journal Set-up

Hi there! This month I can’t wait to show you my bullet journal spread! I’ve decided to go with an arrow theme, which was easy to do and turned out really nice! I feel like I organized this month way better than previous ones, and I’ll be able to plan more efficiently, which is good because I definitely need my journal more during the school year than I do during the summer. I also find it easier to keep up with my trackers during this time, because I get back into a bit of a routine. So I felt a bit of pressure to create something awesome this month!! Let’s get into my spreads:

This is legit my favourite title page. I did the same thing that I did in August, with the word September on one page and a quote on the other. The arrows took a little while to draw, but it was fun and worth it in the end! I think that it turned out great, and I’m happy with my colour scheme of brown and black. When you’re drawing things like this it really helps if you have lines to guide you, and this is why I like dotted journals.

Here’s my calendar, which is a bit different from my August one. Instead of drawing individual boxes, I drew one big box and split it up into 30 squares. Plus, I didn’t make any mistakes and actually started it on a Monday, which is nice! At the bottom there’s a space for my school schedule, which will come in handy in class;) I also included a quote and a spot for my monthly goals in this spread.

These pages changed a lot compared to last month. I got a little crazy with the amount of pages I used in August, so I had to cut down a little bit this month! So here I squeezed in a habit tracker, mood tracker, blog planner (or any kind of planner you want it to be;)) and my gratitude log. I actually switched to an individual habit tracker from the grid style one, so we’ll see how that goes. I just colour a number if I did a particular habit that day instead of colouring in a square. My mood tracker pretty much stayed the same, except I’ll outline an arrow in various colours referring to the little chart near the bottom, instead of watermelons. All in all, these are some of my favourite trackers that I’ve done!

And here we have my weekly spread, which I have fallen in love with. I feel like my calligraphy is improving, and it really shows in this spread. I kept these pages kind of simple, and included a quote, word of the week, and spots where I can write down school tasks and whatever is coming up next week. I continued my arrow theme and colour scheme throughout this month. I love this spread so much because it’s practical yet pretty, and also, I just love it.;)

So yeah. If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with this month’s spreads. I hope you find some inspiration in this post and create a beautiful, efficient lay-out for September!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;)))

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