5 Things I Want To Do More of In The New Year

‘Sup everyone? I bet that you guys have many New Years resolutions, and hopefully you’ve stuck to them for the first week of 2019. In this post I wanted to outline some things I’ve started doing recently that I really enjoy and want to make a part of my routine in the new year. I haven’t numbered them because I want to do them all in equal amounts. In my Bullet Journal, the word I chose to define this year is ‘discover’. In 2019, I want to start discovering myself, as well as new ideas and adventures. These five things will help me to do just that. I hope that they inspire you to do the same!

Going On Walks

I recently got a puppy, so I was forced to go on more walks per week than I’ve gone on in the past year. But slowly, they grew on me. Walks are great because they allow you to relax and think about what’s going on in your life, or just think about nothing at all and be mindful of the things around you. Going for a walk is a great way to clear your mind while getting some fresh air. For all of the above reasons, I’d definitely like to go on more walks in 2019. I think my dog will thank me for it;)

Planning Ahead

Even though I started bullet journaling last year, I didn’t feel like I was very good at planning ahead. This is because my future log was super tiny. This year, I have way more room to write down future events and actually know what’s going on in my life! Even if you don’t have a bullet journal, I recommend getting a planner or even putting things into your phone so that you can keep track of events coming up. This will prevent you from forgetting important dates, and help you to feel on top of things!

Listening To Podcasts

I discovered podcasts a little while ago, and I absolutely love them! Unlike YouTube videos, you can listen to a podcast while doing something else, which is a bonus. I’m currently into Philosophize This!, a podcast about philosophers throughout history and their ideas, which I highly recommend, but there are hundreds of podcasts about everything from science to business to current events. I like to listen to Philosophize This! while on walks, and sometimes even in school if I have time.

Watching The News And Reading Non-Fiction

In the New Year, I’d like to keep up with what’s going on in the world. I’ve started watching the news in the morning, and it’s great because it gives me insight into things that are happening in my community, as well as in other countries. Although, I like to check out a couple different channels because I know that there can be certain biases when it comes to media, and want to get the most accurate information possible. As for reading more non-fiction, I subscribed to National Geographic right after Christmas. I read a lot of novels, and while they’re entertaining and sometimes contain good lessons, I want to broaden my horizons a little bit. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I want to discover new things this year, and watching the news and reading some non-fiction will help me to learn some cool stuff:)


I absolutely love to bake. I got a new mixer for Christmas, and plan on making croissants this week. I’ll let you guys know how they turn out;) But what I really wanted to get across here is that you should make time to do the things you love. To find yourself, you have to find what you enjoy doing and do those things. So, in 2019, take the time to slow down and do the things you love with the people you love❤️

That’s all for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and will try some of the things I mentioned this year;) See you next week!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked🎉

4 thoughts on “5 Things I Want To Do More of In The New Year

  1. Shelley

    This is great I made 10 goals this year so far I’m doing great but it only has been a week. I love to bake too!! Feel free to bring some baking to your teacher 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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