January 2019 Bullet Journal Set-up

It’s 2019 tomorrow! Time to get ahead on planning and goal setting for the new year! My theme for January- stars and constellations- is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I was really excited to set up this first month because I have so much room- 20 pages! This means no more cramped weekly spreads and much more experimentation;)

I searched up some constellations that are in our sky right now, and included those on my title page along with some stars. On the opposite page I have a quote and yet more stars. You’re going to see a lot of stars in this post! I used three different yellow markers here, as well as my black brush pen and fineliners.

Like I said, I went a little crazy with the stars! My monthly layout is one thing I kept the same as last year. However, I added a small blog post planner on the side. I think that my calligraphy has really improved from last year, and so you’ll see me do a lot more of it in 2019.

Next, I have my mood and habit trackers, which I could use two pages for! While my habit tracker is a simple grid, I tried something different with my mood tracker. Each day I’ll draw a star hanging from a string, and the longer the star, the happier I was that day.

Here’s my gratitude log. I have a whole page for it! There’s also a quote page that leads into my first weekly spread.

My first weekly spread is simple but pretty. I drew more stars and constellations, as well as writing out a quote and word of the week. I have a to-do section in there as well. I plan to use some black paper in my next few spreads, because my silver gel pen really stands out on it.

There you go! Hopefully you found some good ideas in this post;) You may have noticed that I haven’t done any book spreads yet. Well, I plan to use two pages at the end of each month for a monthly review, so I’ll include something bookish in there;) Have a Happy New Year!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;)

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