July Bullet Journal Set Up with June Monthly Recap

Wow! I can’t believe that we’re already halfway through the year! I’m excited though because summer is here and it’s time for a bit of a reset. Today I’ll be showing you my July Bullet Journal Set Up, as well as some other pages in my journal. My theme this month is monarch butterflies, inspired by AmandaRachLee;) It turned out really pretty, and the orange and yellow colour palette is summery and fun. In addition, I have my June Monthly Recap, and a Mid-Year Review. Let’s get into it!

My monthly recap hasn’t changed from previous months;)

Something I decided to add in this year was a Mid-Year Review page. I have a quote on the left, and in the right I’m going to do a bit of a reflection to reset and refocus for the second half of the year.

And here’s my title page for July! I absolutely love the butterflies. They’re not super hard to draw, AmandaRachLee has a great tutorial on her YouTube channel. I added some detail with my silver gel pen, and used some dots to fill up the empty space. My colours for this month are a light yellow Zebra Mildliner, and a deeper yellow and an orange Crayola SuperTips marker, so three colours. Inside the butterflies I went from light to dark, just like a monarch. There are so many beautiful quotes about butterflies that I can use this month, so I’m really excited!

My calendar is pretty much the same as in past months. I drew more butterflies, a goals section, and a space to write down blog post ideas, now that herb month is over and I don’t need a whole page for that!

My habit and mood trackers turned out nice as well. For my mood tracker, I drew a big butterfly, and I’ll colour each numbered section in according to the legend at the bottom.

Here’s my gratitude log;) I also included a Summer bucket list, because I want to write down cool things to do this summer.

To keep in shape during the summer, I drew up a workout schedule! Let’s see if I actually stick to it though😂 I also drew a quote page that is kind of my mantra for the summer; to keep a positive mindset.

Lastly, we have my first weekly spread. Im trying to keep each week on one page, so that I have more room for fun stuff like quotes and bucket lists;) This should work out because I’m not very busy in the summer.

That’s all folks! I’m looking forward to coming up with summer recipes, reading lists and bullet journal ideas to share with you over the next couple of months!

Yours Truly,


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