Pantry Staples

Hey there guys:)) I’ve been posting a lot of recipes lately, but I thought that I’d post about some of the pantry ingredients that I always like to have on hand in order to make them. Having a few things that are always in your pantry is handy for meal prep and just cooking in general. Here are the pantry ingredients that I use most often;))


I usually like to have 3 kinds of oil on hand; olive, coconut and sesame. Olive is really great for sauteing things and starting curries and stews, whereas coconut oil is usually used to replace butter in baking. I mainly use sesame oil for flavouring Asian dishes, and unless I am making a stir fry I don’t really cook in it. Having oils in your pantry is essential to making pretty much every dish. If I would pick one to have on hand, it would be olive.


Vinegar is also something that is important to have. I love balsamic because you can use it in dressings and sauces, and I even cook veggies in it. Red wine vinegar is also great for salads, but I personally like the flavour of balsamic better.


I pretty much eat either yogurt or oats for breakfast everyday. Other than being a delicious start to your morning, oats are used a ton in baking and can be ground into a flour and used in a variety of different recipes. They’re super versatile and that makes them something that is awesome to have at all times in your pantry.

Whole Wheat Pasta

I like having whole wheat pasta because it cooks quickly and you can just throw a quick sauce on top for a delicious meal. Choosing whole wheat over regular gives you more whole grains, but still actually tastes really good. There are also chickpea and lentil pastas out there, which have lots of protein and are great as well.

Canned Goods

There are lots of canned goods that I like to have on hand at all times. Mainly legumes, like chickpeas, lentils, black beans, and red kidney beans, but having canned diced tomatoes and canned organic soup is awesome. Tomatoes allow you to make a whole range of curries, stews and sauces, while canned soup is great for quick lunches. Just make sure you buy a kind with no preservatives; organic is the way to go.


I’m actually out of quinoa right now, which makes it more evident how much I depend on it. Quinoa is amazing in bowls, underneath stews or in soup. It’s so versatile, good for you and easy to cook.

Those are all of my pantry staples! If you have any questions about these or any other feel free to ask me either here or on my Instagram account. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday

Yours Truly,


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