February 2020 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hey there! First month of 2021 done- it actually felt pretty long to me! February is probably going to fly by though since it’s a short month:)

This month I kind of struggled again with setting up my journal- I wasn’t very inspired AT ALL. I knew what theme I wanted to do, but I didn’t really know how to translate it onto the page. So the end result is a pretty simple and, to be honest, it’s not my favourite set-up ever, but it’ll do.

I went with a Paris theme, which I thought was really fitting for February since Paris is the city of love:) There are so many different doodle ideas that you could use for a Paris theme, but since the amazing buildings really stand out to me, that’s what I went with. I was fortunate enough to visit Paris a while ago, and I absolutely loved it! In addition to the doodles I did, I threw in some pink hearts and little grey accents to tie everything together and bring in that Valentine’s Day flair. The first few pages I started with using washi tape, but them my dog chewed it up so that was a problem. I’m going to have to order some more soon!

For my colour scheme this month, we’ve got this nice pink zebra fineliner, a grey zebra fineliner, and then just my black fineliners. I enjoyed using only zebra fineliners last month because the thickness of them is great for the size of my journal, and I also love how the colours are a bit muted- they all have a great tone to them. I used these markers to do sort of a monoline cursive, and an uppercase font.

Throughout the month I did a combo of both French and English quotes, to switch things up a bit! I’ll do some translating when needed.

I think this is a great reminder that when you’re not feeling the inspiration, you can just keep things simple and go back to the basics so that you don’t get overwhelmed by elaborate spreads. I’ve really been noticing how much my bullet journal helps me plan my life- my blog stuff especially- and I don’t want to take away from that by feeling forced to create super complicated pages. Hope you enjoy this set-up, and maybe draw some inspiration from it if you’re in a slump yourself!

Title page first! I drew really simple renditions of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame, and the Louvre museum. These are all places that I got to visit, and I think that they are absolutely beautiful- I love European architecture! I gave the buildings all a bit of a drop shadow with that grey marker, and also did a border around the page. “February” is written out in cursive in pink, and I added a some washi tape to finish it off! On the opposite page I wrote out a French quote, which says “I accept the great adventure that is me.”. I love this because the human experience is truly a journey- and I want to find our more about myself and who I am! On that quote page you can see those little heart doodles and grey accents.

Next is my calendar spread. Sticking with that little one page calendar, I drew some more doodles around it, along with a grey border, pink title, and more hearts and accents. On the opposite page I have little boxes for my goals, events, tasks, and school stuff for the month. This was the last spread I made before my washi tape was so rudely eaten- I love how it looks on these pages!

Now for my trackers! Going real simple again- I find that this layout makes it super easy for me to see and fill out all of my habits, mood, and productivity. I did a few more building doodles, and stuck with that pink cursive for all of the titles. When I wrote out “productivity” it didn’t all fit on one line- which kind of bugs me but it could be worse. I also noticed that the scale of my Eiffel Towers kind of change throughout the set-up, oh well! Anyways, I think this spread is overall pretty cute.

A really simple gratitude log and habit tracker here, but the border, hearts, and accents spice it up a bit. I really enjoy all of the space that I have to plan blog stuff- it’s so helpful! You could use this page for anything you’d like though- school stuff, a brain dump, or just everyday journaling. At the bottom of the page I wrote out “La vie est belle”- life is beautiful, to remind me that there’s something to be grateful for everyday!

Lastly, we’ve got my first weekly spread! I did some simple boxes and wrote out the days of the week in pink. There are a couple of doodles, and my quote is “Paris is always a good idea”- and it totally is! I’ll have lots of space to plan out my week with this spread.

That’s my set-up for the month! Even though it’s maybe not my best, it’s still super functional and is going to help me a lot with staying organized, which is what matters. See you next week!

Yours Truly,


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