March 2021 Bullet Journal Set-Up

I’m so excited to share this set-up! Last month I was not feeling inspired AT ALL and my Paris theme was definitely not one of my favourites. I might have to re-do it when I’m full of some more ideas. Throughout the month though, I kept going and made super simple spreads so that I could still plan out what I needed to get done.

This month I felt some of my creativity come back and had a great theme idea that was quick and easy to do- Avocados! They’re so cute and easy to draw (and also delicious), plus they’re green so it goes well for the month of March. I think the key for me moving forward is going to be keeping my themes and spreads simple but fun, so they keep me interested in bullet journaling! When I do complicated themes I feel like I have to spend hours in order to make my spreads look good, which isn’t great when I don’t have a lot of time, and can also get boring quickly.

Speaking of simplicity, I’ve also scaled my monthly recaps way back this year. Last year I did a full out scrapbook-y collage at the end of each month, with photos and quotes and a whole bunch of decorative elements. They were fun to make, but it did take a while and this year I feel like I have less time and don’t really feel like doing it. So instead I’ve just been simply writing out the name of the month in the middle of the page, throwing in a border and maybe some doodles, and just journaling at the end of the month.

Journaling is something that I want to do more of this year, so that I’m more aware of how I’m feeling and can organize my thoughts!

I absolutely love this March theme and I did some pretty cool things this month that I might continue to do for the rest of the year! The colours and doodles and fonts all work so well together, and looking at it makes me happy, which is always the goal:) Hope you enjoy!

My title page is SO cute:) I love the quote that I did and it’s so true; you can’t make everyone happy! Now let’s talk about the opposite page because I did some cool things. I cut each page this month at a different width, and then coloured in the edge, so that from the title page it looks like a bunch of little tabs that you can flip to! It turned out so well and I’m definitely thinking of doing this every month from now on. Because of this, my title page is definitely a bit smaller because of this, but I didn’t mind because I was keeping things simple anyways. This month I used my light green Zebra fineliner, my pale brown Zebra fineliner, both a dark green and a yellow Crayola SuperTip, my black fineliners and also my white gel pen.

Here we have my monthly dashboard spread, where I have a little calendar, and space to write everything that’s going on for the month. I find that I don’t use this spread a whole ton, so making it smaller was A-OK. I did give myself lots of space to goal set and write some intentions for the month down though! On the side of the right page I drew some more avocados:)

Next we’ve got my mood, habit, and productivity trackers! The pages were still a bit skinny because of my tab-making, so I oriented my trackers vertically this month. I’ll fill in the squares when I complete a certain habit, and do a little line graph for my mood and productivity. I included a couple of avocados in the bottom corners, and on the side I have a quote that says ” ‘Avo Good Day”. Love it! The colours and simple, mono-line cursive font look so nice.

This spread is so pretty! In the middle I did a horizontal strip of avocados and some polka dots, and then wrote the title of the page on top of that background. Then I numbered off the days on the side. One page is for my gratitude log, and the other is for planning blog posts!

And finally, my first weekly spread! Kept it simple with an avocado doodle for each day, a to-do section, and a great quote. Lots of room for planning, and it looks great too:) These are the kinds of spreads that I need more of!

Can’t wait to come up with some more weekly spreads for this theme- who knew there were so many good avocado quotes out there? Have fun setting up your own March spreads!:))

Yours Truly,


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