My 2019 Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great holiday;) I’m super excited to share my 2019 bullet journal set up with you, because I feel like now I have the hang of the bullet journal system and can have a bit more fun with it. Last year was my year to experiment, and now I know what I like and can keep a more effective journal! If you’re new to the bullet journal, feel free to check out my 2018 bullet journal set up, because I explain things a bit more in-depth. Otherwise, let’s get right into my 2019 set-up!

Oh, about supplies, I’ve been using the Tombow Fudenoske Brush pen, as well as some Micron Fineliners and Crayola Super Tips. You don’t need any super fancy supplies to bullet journal, but these markers really help when it comes to calligraphy. You can find them on Amazon.

This year I’m using the Leuchttrum 1917 bullet journal. It’s hardcover and has 249 pages- which means I get 20 pages per month! Like last year, I wrote 2019 on some washi tape and stuck it on the front for some added decoration.

Last year I didn’t really use my index very much, so even though this journal already contains one, I don’t think that I’ll be using it. This means that the first couple of pages in my journal are my key and title page. I definitely simplified my key, because I didn’t use many of the bullets and colours that were in my key last year. also, I’m trying to keep the first pages of my journal pretty neutral, since each month I have a different theme and colour. So for my title page I wrote “Dear 2019, I’m ready” in black, silver and grey.

Onto my future log/year at a glance. As you can see, I have waaaayy more room than last year to plan out any future events! This is because I used four pages instead of two. The bottom was looking a little empty, so I decorated with some washi tape. I really want to get more crafty with my bullet journal this year, by using washi tape, paper, and even printing out pictures. I experimented with this in November and really liked the way that it turned out.

Next, I drew out a space to write the goals that I have for 2019. The opposite page is titled “This Year”. I haven’t filled it in yet, but basically I’ll just write some resolutions that I have for the new year, as well as some things that I’d like to do this year. There’s also a spot to write down one word that I want to be my focus in 2019. I love doing pages like these, because they allow you to look back on what you want to accomplish and help you get focused.

For the final two pages of my set-up, I have a vision board and a quote page. I recently made a vision board on a large poster and hung it up in my room, but I wanted to make space for one in my journal so that I could look at it at anytime. Basically, a vision board is just a spot to paste images of things and people that inspire you, and things you want to work towards. Throughout the year, I’ll add more pictures. I also wrote a sort of mission statement on the other page, and I think that I’ll add some more quotes around it because It’s looking a little empty. Hopefully these pages help me to stay inspired this year!

That’s all for my 2019 set-up! I’ll be posting my January set-up separately, but don’t worry, it’ll be out pretty soon. I hope that you liked my spreads and feel inspired for a whole new year of bullet-journaling!

Yours Truly, MyDayIsBooked;))

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